Hair Spa treatments at your own home


Your hair is looking a shade of grey, dry, frizzy, and lifeless!  You’ve been on the `home-office-home’ run for weeks and haven’t had the time to tend to your strands that were once such an envy of your friends and colleagues. It makes you feel low and you are in a hurry to get that luster back, ready to spend what it takes!

If you visit a spa studio, it may cost a fortune and the spa consultant is likely to suggest that you do a few sittings with them to see the real effect. You may not have the time to keep the routine up due to your busy work schedule plus it will pinch your wallet a bit too hard!

If that’s where you are, don’t panic. Try hair spa at home. In simplest of words, it’s about taking simple basic care of hair. So why don’t you give spa at home a try with things you already have or won’t cost much! Let’s check out some simple hair spa home solutions here.

  1. The most Natural Solution – Good Olive oil Massage!

Take sufficient amount of olive oil depending on the length of hair, warm it, apply it on the scalp with help of a cotton swab, and start massaging it gently in circular motion for about 15 minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes.

If you follow it up with giving steam to your hair, the effect will double, as steam helps to open pours in your scalp and oil can get absorbed better. When you massage and steam your hair regularly (every week) your scalp will become healthy and your hair will recover its quality from within. The simplest way to steam you hair at home is to soak a cotton towel in warm water. Squeeze and remove water quickly and wrap it around your hair. Let it stay for about 10 minutes.

Follow it up later with a mild shampoo and rinse it well.

Olive oil is a natural and best conditioner for your hair so no need to use chemically prepared conditioner as you shampoo. Don’t be in a hurry to untangle your hair when wet as it will weaken the hair roots. Don’t be in a hurry to dry your hair in harsh direct sun either. Keep it wrapped in towel for some time, then leave it open to dry naturally.

This all natural, organic home spa should take about 90 minutes and save you quite some money!

  1. Honey Spa and Conditioning

Honey is the best hair treatments you can give your hair. Honey helps to retain shine, recover the luster, and repair damaged hair. It nourishes and moisturizes dull and dry hair. It’s an expensive treatment even if done at home because genuine honey is expensive and hard to find. But it is worth every penny. Take half cup of honey and gently massage it into damp hair. It may feel very messy and sticky but once you experience the magic it can do, no excuse will work!

So go an extra the coming Sunday.  Spend time on grooming yourself, get some sleep and have a good hair week ahead!