Health benefits of coconut water


We all love coconut water, right? Do you know the various health benefits it has?? Find out-

1.     Coconut water is 100% sterile. It contains 94% water, is low in calories, has zero cholesterol; is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium and manganese.

2.     Studies have shown that the high amounts of potassium in coconut water reduce hypertension and thus lower the chances of heart disease.

3.     Coconut water is rich in electrolytes which are essential for our body. So it is recommended for all diseases where there is a loss of electrolytes like Diarrhoea

4.     Potasssium and Magnesium in coconut water are a very effective diuretic. So cocnut water is recommended for patients prone to kidney stones

5.     It is a great hydrating agent for the skin, when applied externally as well.

6.     Coconut water is a very good natural sports drink as it has all the vital minerals to refuel and rehydrate the body after a strenous exercise or rigorous sports activity.

7.     Coconut water is also recommended is pregnancy as it has a lot of nutrition, is 100% natural and has not artificial preservatives!!!

8.     Coconut water is a very good recipe for digestion related diorders like hyeracidity, constipation, etc as it has a high quantities of fiber.

9.     It is one of the few things that are natural and can be administered intravenously. Coconut water is isotonic to human plasma and can be used in emergency situations.

10.  It is fantastic wieght loss food as is it contains very low amounts of fat. So you can get all the vital nutrients required to keep your body fit and not worry about extra weight!!!!


So drink a glass of fresh coconut water whenever you can, to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.