Vishwa foundation is making an exemplary contribution towards promoting holistic health. It is associated with various agencies and hospitals across the world providing facilities and Sponsorship’s to the underprivileged families and individuals without any cost or at minimum cost.

Medical Aid:

Vishwa provides financial assistance to patients in need. We are associated with hospitals in many cities that send us details of patients who need medical attention but can’t afford it. We get in touch with the family or friends of such patients and offer them with financial aid to undergo the required medical procedure or care. Many organizations are also linked with us who send notifications as and when they have a case where finance is required for continuing medical care for the patient. We have created a special fund that is collected from donations and is also subsidized through the money generated through the wellness retreats.

Medical Camps:

Every year we arrange multi specialty health camps in Shivpuri that include blood donation camps, health awareness weeks, etc.
Medical experts from various parts across the world participate in this endeavor by offering health care , advice, and treatments to the underprivileged. Experts provide their services free of charge in these camps. There have been many instances when further medical care has been provided by the doctors in their clinics at a very nominal cost.

People from as far and wide as Srinagar, Chennai, Patna, Coimbatore, Jamnagar, Bhilai, Kolkata, etc come to avail of the health care benefits offered in these camps. It is a unique place as experts from diverse fields and nationalities work side by side to offer their expertise and guidance to people in distress.

So far between 8,000-10,000 people have attended and benefited from these 15 day camps organized every year.

Mother Care:

The maternal malnutrition rate in the rural parts of India is extremely high and alarming. This leads to many complications during pregnancies, often resulting in the deaths of either the mother or the infant. Children born to malnourished mothers also face many health risks.

Vishwa Foundation is working towards providing Ayurvedic Nutritional Supplements for pregnant women who have been diagnosed with malnutrition symptoms. The supplement is provided from the day of identification till the sixth month post birth of the baby. The supplements are created from Ayurvedic herbs that provide vital support to the would be mother.

Daily OPD:

We run a daily OPD at the Agniveda Healing Center, where consultations and medications are either provided at low cost or where the patient cannot afford it, completely free.

Our foundation’s policy has always been to help as many people as we can and not send  anyone back without medication, for lack of finances.

Vishwa Foundation has been dedicated to the cause of serving the underprivileged for more than three and a half decades.

A nominal fee for registration of Rs. 10 is charged from patients. If the person cannot pay, even this amount it is waived off. We try and give the medicines prescribed by the doctor for free. The Ayurveda Therapies are also provided at a nominal charge to the OPD patients.

Our OPD has so far been attended by more then 2,50,000 people in the last 35 years.

Vision Center:

We run a ‘Vision Center’ at Shivpuri Akkalkot, in association with Orbis international, USA and HVDEH, Pune.

We have a special Pediatric Eye Care center offering various Ophthalmic solutions, which are otherwise not available in this region.

The aim is to provide complete vision care to the school children in the entire Solapur district and to bring awareness amongst the school teachers and parents. A resident doctor visits the schools in the district one by one. The teachers are trained for elementary identification of vision defects in children. The teachers then screen the students and send those with defect to our centre in Shivpuri. Here the students undergo thorough checkup with modern machinery. Those who need spectacles are given the same free of cost. Those who need corrective surgery are sent to H V Desai hospital in Pune where the surgery is performed free of cost.

Our center also arranges for adult cataract checkups. The center not only provides free eye checkup but also arranges for surgeries free of cost. Patients suffering from this problem are isolated. HVDEH arranges for their transport from our center in Shivpuri to the hospital in Pune, where the surgeries are performed. They also arrange for the patients food and accommodation during this time.