Joint pains can jeopardize happiness. Joint Care program will not only release you from the pains but also repair the damage and bring the pain under control

Joint Care program  is a non Invasive Ayurveda based treatment for any kind of joint pain.  If you get treated in time, you can postpone or even avoid surgery…



Joint pain is a very common and a harrowing medical condition that generally hits people in their 40s. Younger generation complains of it under specific conditions like injury, accidents, etc.  We have seen some cases in the younger generation suffering from joint pains without any visible causes.

Joints are the union of two or more bones. They help in movement and provide balance and stability to the body. Any disease of the joints can seriously impair your movements and restrict life. Aches and pains in joints are a sign of a systemic malfunction.




  1. Due to external causes like injuries’ impact, falls, etc
  2. Strains and sprains
  3. Weak digestion
  4. Improper diet
  5. Improper exercise
  6. Due to diseases like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatic Arthritis, Gout, Sciatica, etc
  7. Sedentary lifestyle





  1. Pain,
  2. Swelling
  3. Difficulty in movement


Vishwa offers the Joint care program. It’s a non-surgical Ayurvedic treatment protocol.

This program will not only help you get pain relief (through medicated oil massages that you can perform at home) by arresting the pain at an early stage without side effects; it will also offer a permanent solution to repair the damage and bring the pain under control with our extended treatment options.

Joint Care program is a special program for the musculoskeletal system to reinforce its strength, identify the symptoms and causes, find ways to address the problems. It is a program, comprising highly potent medical preparations, diet counselling, exercises to tone and strengthen the muscles and joints, along with appropriate detoxifying therapies.

Program Duration- six months

This Program includes-

1)  Mind Body Consultation and Ananlysis

2) Counselling sessions

3) Diet Plan

4) Exercise Plan

5) Meditation sessions

6) Medication, Supplements and health aids



What Should You Tell Us When You Write to Us?

It is difficult for us to standardize our treatment  packages as each body, its problems, and capacity to fight the disease is different. Even age and type of joint plays a role. So we prefer to tailor treatment packages according to the persons condition. It would be best if you will call us or write to us with your condition, scanned copy of medical reports if possible, and we shall get back to you with the best solution.

We will be with you during the entire duration of the program. You can call us, write to us for any queries that you may have anytime during the program.

If you are feeling stressed, sad, negative, and cluttered, which is affecting your personal and professional life… if you want to share it with someone and get help, rest assured we are trained to do both. Since we are trained to be good listeners, we are able to offer practical solutions.


You can do the program by visiting our center in Shivpuri/Mumbai or remotely through telephonic/Skype sessions. 


Program Costs-

Rs. 10,000/-

To join this program, visit Online Clinic

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