Healthy Skin Is More About What You Put In Than What You Put ON!

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Quality of skin creates our first & immediate impression. People notice it before noticing what we wear, our gait, how we conduct ourselves, how well groomed we are…etc. Hence it is important that we take care of our skin. Good skin is also a reflection good health and taking care of health is not a bad idea! In fact in healthy skin lies a healthy body, obviously a healthy, happy, and positive mind.

Good skin is about what we eat, our exercise routine, pollution, our habits (smoking & drinking), whether we apply sun screen as we go outdoors, and so on. Chronic sun exposure creates dull, rough and uneven skin tone. Poorly nurtured skin develops more fine lines, deeper and more plentiful wrinkles, and generally such skins happen to be more mottled.

At some point of time in our lives we have all been anxious of our deteriorating skin quality and have shopped bags full of skin products and yet wondered why our skin doesn’t look or feel great.  It is best to work on our skin inside out. Lead a good lifestyle, steer clear of smoking and consuming alcohol, and most important of all eat right. I am listing down nutrients recommended for various skin types and resolve its typical problems.

For Dry, Dull Skin: Include Cucumber, coconut, and celery on your diet in raw or juice form as they are known for their hydrating properties. Fibre in the celery helps indigestion. Go for Spinach & Apple. While apple clarifies skin and rebalances it spinach is packed with anti oxidants and helps recoup reddened, swollen, damaged skin.

For Blemishes: If your skin is oily, has blemishes and it’s oily you should include carrot, grapes, kiwi and orange in your diet. Juices do you good but if you can eat them in fruit form, all the better. Carrot is full of Vitamin A which is known for its anti-acne properties. Grapes and oranges have nutrients that help to balance skin, and kiwi contains skin clearing enzymes.

For Over Sensitive Skin: Add lots of cucumber in your diet, as it hydrates skin and is also known for its anti-oxidant properties. Also include beetroot and carrot which calm the skin by removing toxins. Coriander works wonder to calm the skin and heal problems like eczema, fungal infections, skin dryness etc

For Acne: If you have acne or blood vessels on your face have enlarged that make your cheeks and nose appears flushed (it’s a skin problem many suffer) then your diet should include more of papaya, orange celery, lemon, and parsley. Enzymes in papaya are full of skin calming properties. Orange and papaya make for great astringents and help reduce blemishes. Celery works in inflamed skin. Parsley and lemon are good fir digestion thereby clearing the skin.

Ageing Skin: Include blue berries, black berries, rasp berries in your diet as they’re packed with anti oxidants; will postpone wrinkles or ageing of skin. Spinach and broccoli are anti inflammatory, strengthen skin and also help to fight sun damage.

The simpler your skincare routine,, more chances that you’ll stick with it. What’s better than adopting a good lifestyle!