How many of you believe in it?. Join Vishwa’s  Creation of Happiness workshop to know more.

This 3 hour workshop is an introduction to the techniques of Vishwa and trains you to experience harmony at physical, emotional and spiritual level.

“When we keep living only to fulfill our desires we are living a compromised life, but when we start living to fulfill our purpose we start the journey towards living an evolved life!!!”

– Dr. Purushottam

Creation of Happiness, the 3 hour Mind-Body Training & Emotional Wellness workshop. This workshop trains your mind to calm down; learn the process of self purification, become a positive person, find inner potential and evolve.

This workshop is designed for people who are rushed for time, stressed, and feel the need to rest their minds, and improve the quality of their life.

This  workshop takes you through an experience where you will find peace, power and energy you have within yourself. If you experience calm after attending this program, and feel the need for more, you can read about our our advanced  7 day residential retreat Complete Well being.

Conducted all over the world by Dr. Purushottam and led by experienced Vishwa teachers, this workshop has brought changes in the lives of many people from different walks of life in different countries and settings.

Benefits Of the Creation of Happiness workshop

When you do take the Creation of Happiness workshop , you will experience an improved level of awareness, better health, almost immediate drop in stress level, tranquility, improved focus, concentration; and above all the course helps you to free yourself of the knots inside you that impact your personality adversely.

The workshop  has proved as a game-changer for the busy professionals; under constant pressure of timelines and maneuvering through traffic and targets at various levels.

How Will The Creation of Happiness workshop Help You?

This workshop takes you closer to the quiet space within.  After completion of  this course, familiarizing with the basics of Shree’s philosophy and teachings, you can feel a noticeable improvement in your overall physical health, feel more alert, focused and productive – and all this has a direct and positive influence on the quality  of life you lead.

The workshop  helps you to relieve stress, find inner strength and experience freedom and bliss. Participants learn about Agnihotra theory and practice, basic Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.

More About the workshop

Designed by Dr. Purushottam himself, the workshop  is a power packed session to awaken your mind. It teaches you to lead a peaceful life; find and follow your own truth; free yourself from the various conditioning shackles. The workshop initiates you on to the journey towards creating a stable and positive environment to attain state of happiness. Participants are taught to create harmony between mind, body and soul through various meditation and discourse sessions.

The workshop emphasizes that before we begin any journey we have to decide on the intent or the purpose of the journey. This workshop is a way of defining that Shiv Sankapla- Pure Intent which is to find true happiness. The Creation of Happiness workshop introduces us to our radiant self,  which is a reservoir of infinite energy and limitless potential. It teaches us that when we plant a pure thought or intent in our consciousness we open the doorways within which unleash energies that’ll help us to achieve that intent. That is why the workshop is also referred to as the Shiv Sankalpa or Pure Intent

The first session introduces and initiates us on the journey of life with an intent of creating happiness for ourselves as well as for the world around us.

If you want to get rid of the chaos, clutter, stress, and the humdrum of career and personal life, this workshop can help as it teaches you technique to deal with day to day life.

A Radiant Life is waiting for you

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