How About Wearing Organic Too?

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Wearing organic is an important facet of leading an organic life. For commercial purpose all that once was pure and raw has undergone so much processing & chemicalization (if I’m allowed to coin a phrase for it, i.e.) that organic had nearly lost its meaning and significance. Strangely it is now re-emerging as something higher and special with even glamorous quotient attached to it. Organic was normal till a few decades ago and there was really no big deal about eating or wearing organic as that was the only way known to man!

Anyway, coming back to addressing our core topic – organic clothing and why it is time to re-adopt them…here we go! Wearing what suits our body’s inner working and temperature and weather outside is as much a part of healthy lifestyle and inner and physical well being as any other like eating right food at right time or exercise or thinking with head on your shoulder etc. Wearing well fitted formal black clothes in a hot country not only makes little sense but is also bad for one’s body’s functioning.

It will also do one good to understand that our body functioning changes according to fabric we wear. Most of us have experienced both – exhaustion in tight or well fitted synthetic clothes as well as comfort in khadi (hand spun fabric made with cotton), cotton, or raw silk. For one more experience try wearing the inner clothing in the same fabric for a period of 5 days and see how your body reacts and smells. This means that though good food and exercise largely control functioning of your body, what wraps your skin also plays a huge role and can throw everything out of sync if not comfortable.

Silk and cotton that have not been treated are best for your body as well as inner well being. Inner well being because when you’re in physical discomfort (vis-à-vis wearing wrong colour, fitting, fabric) it shows in your outer and interpersonal behaviour. This doesn’t mean you can’t survive in synthetic or that it is wrong to wear anything other than silk and raw cotton. Or you can’t exercise or go to work in them. We are simply trying to emphasize upon the benefits of wearing clothes made with environmentally friendly fibre to promote comfort and good health.

Organic fibre is expensive and difficult to maintain but instead of having shelves full of clothes, half of which don’t fit and tens and twenties you’ve not worn in years/ months which you were tempted to pick up in discount sale…. instead of stacking your closet with mindless shopping why not opt for full price, expensive comfortable clothing; limit the number of clothes you possess and wear them to your heart’s content in rotation. Add to your organic living quotient too. In fact it is simpler and easier to do. Having just a few clothes and maintaining and wearing them in rotation will prove to be a good experience. It is not really an unachievable idea, is it?

Why don’t you take our an old cotton attire and alter or to wear in this season or order one comfort fit made with natural fabric? Promise you will do it again.