If you’re Pregnant, Don’t Ignore These!


Yoga helps pregnant women in many ways. Besides relieving stress, it readies her for a natural labour and give birth to a healthy baby. Such women are better tuned to the needs of their body. Women who practice yoga are swifter, more alert, and stronger; and get back to their normal routine faster. Following are some of the practices highly recommended for expectant mothers.

Benefits of Yoga:  Yoga with apt modifications and under proper supervision is advised during pregnancy as t helps to make your muscles flexible and improve its elasticity which helps during labour. Women who have practiced Yoga during pregnancy under appropriate guidance are more likely to enjoy all their trimesters and have an easy and natural delivery. Yoga also increases one’s endurance and pain bearing capacity. Since yoga also works on one’s blood circulation, it reduces cramps and backache which are very common problems faced by women during their pregnancy. Most crucial of all Yoga calms your mind and relaxes your body through Pranayam.

Meditation Benefits: Meditation is a state of thoughtlessness; achieving a state when the mind is blank and empty of thoughts.  Meditation completes Yoga and doubles the benefits.  Meditation helps you to experience peace of mind and helps to focus. It helps pregnant women by making them internally strong and take stress into their stride. Meditation helps pregnant women to connect with their babies better, and give birth to and raise calm and sensible babies.

Prayers Benefits: It is said that prayer also plays an important role in the life of an expecting mother. Praying and connecting with powerful energies makes the unborn spiritually inclined and  an intelligent child. There are special mantras and shlokas to be chanted and recited by an expecting mother for optimum benefits. Mothers should also pray that their baby is blessed with attributes such as intelligence, good health, happiness, and high moral values.

Creativity during Pregnancy: If you nurture or pursue a hobby you enjoy it will ready the baby in the womb to have a better overall development.  It could be knitting, gardening, embroidery anything. Hobby also is an effective stress buster and relaxing as it keeps your mind focused on things you enjoy.  You can also use your last trimester to choose name for your baby.

Communication Benefits: Communicating with your baby in the womb is a wonderful way to grow your baby and bond with her. You and your spouse should caress the unborn talk to her about new things everyday… it will stimulate baby’s senses and make her more receptive to voices and actions. The effects will soon show and some may even stay for the rest of her life and help in her grooming and building a distinct personality of her own.

Practice of Garbh Sanskar is highly recommended during pregnancy. Some new techniques have been added to the traditional Garbh Sanskara like colour and aromatherapy.  You can find out about Garbha Sanskara Practice from the net or an instructor.

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