If you’ve Set Goals for Yourself, Read This to Achieve Them


Everyone should have goals, short term, long term, whatever; building wealth, keeping fit, spreading happiness, simplifying life, kicking plastic, reading books, whatever….. But unless you can achieve them, they will remain just goals. So many people we know chase the same goals year after year. This happens because they are not taking their goals seriously.

Some who are actually serious about achieving goals, lose steam on way because for some reason they assume that it is too big a deal. This is the worst stumbling block that people on this journey face. Individuals, who overcome, succeed it setting new goals and achieving them year after year.  Those who give up have to understand just one simple fact. No goal that you set for yourself can ever be so big that you can’t achieve them. One goal equals making small changes in your day to day life. If you understand this, you will soon find yourself changing your goals and dreams.

Setting goals, viewed from a larger canvas means to re-evaluate your daily practices to initiate small but lasting changes in your life. People make resolutions, strive for a while, but don’t get too far; and in a few weeks the goals are out of the window. Whether they concern finances, health, their life, relationships…whatever.

After having observed people around me (not to forget analyzing myself over the years) I have understood one thing, that if we incorporate some simple disciplines into our day to day lives it can take us closer to our goals. If we start with making small positive choices and take small positive actions every day, the compounded results will lead to success + happiness.

Success is a combination of joy, love, fulfilment, enthusiasm, good health, nurturing relationships whether personal or official to bring joy and ease, sound financial status, professional success etc.

The secret is that you should deal with one goal at a time. People start working on too many things at once and to incorporate so many new things in one’s everyday life can be discomforting. And nobody likes being pushed out of one’s comfort zone beyond a point. It can be overwhelming and people may lose interest.

Instead, take one goal at a time and work on it, write it down, break it down into daily disciplines, know what you’re trying to achieve through it, set a deadline and evaluate! If you follow on these lines you will taste and notice success coming your way like never before. Gradually you’ll’ feel more in control.

Rule no. 2 is to stick to your plan. This is what successful people do. However insignificant the steps may seem, they will follow the smaller action plans and disciplines they’ve set for themselves day after day, no matter how menial it may seem. They know that what they’re doing is part of a larger plan and to achieve success they will have to remain focused and patient.  Once you follow this process and achieve one goal you set for yourself, you’ll know how one small change can change your whole perspective, which in turn can change your life for the better!

Rule no 3 is to keep patience and work towards goals.  Don’t expect instant, immediate results.  Life goals are not lotteries, or a fluke of luck. Achieving goals is a process comprising making many big and small changes in your life for bigger, higher gains.