Indoor Plants That Are Good For Health


Plants not only add greens and beauty to your home, but also contribute to your health. While some filer air pollution others help you to sleep well or tackle digestion and other health problems. Some scientists have recommended that if you have renovation work going on at home; increase the number of plants that are known to purify air.  You can plant a mint, lemongrass, jasmine for instant emotional high or many such other plants at home for other health benefits!

Aloe Vera: The gel of the Aloe Vera plant is known for its healing properties; soothes skin burns and cuts. Besides, it is a natural air purifier. It clears the air of pollutants found in chemical cleaning products. If the environment in which it is growing is high on harmful chemicals, the leaves develop brown spots. Aloe Vera grows best when it receives good amount of direct sunlight. Aloe is a perfect choice for a kitchen window.

Lemon Grass is another shrub/plant that you can grow in a medium size or large pot. It offers many health benefits. It helps to resolve digestion related problems like constipation, heartburn, bloating of stomach, stomach spasms, cramps, vomiting etc. Its antimicrobial properties relieve gastroenteritis. Keeps skin healthy, controls cholesterol, fights fever, flu, depression, body odour, arthritis etc.

Bamboo Palm: Besides brightening odd corners of your room, this one is amongst the top clean-air plants. It’s also particularly effective at clearing out trichloroethylene and benzene. Need some looking after like watering regularly. Grow well in shade and indirect sunlight.

Golden Pathos: Commonly known as money plant makes for a perfect choice to fight the effects of formaldehyde. It is fast-growing vine. Grow one in and around your garage since car exhales a lot of formaldehyde. IT is generally known to filter toxins from the air hence you can keep one in every room. It not only looks great, but also has great health benefits.

Mother-in-law’s-tongue: Also known as snake plant, doesn’t need much light or water, or much nurturing either, can also grow in humid conditions and thus makes for an easy and good choice for any home. They absorb carbon dioxide and give out Oxygen during the night unlike most other plants; which also makes it a perfect plant to keep in your bedroom to keep the air clean. It helps to filter out air pollutants. It’s good to keep one in bathroom because it helps to filter out formaldehyde, a common chemical used in cleaning products like toilet paper, tissues and personal care products.

Lavender & Jasmine: For those of you who didn’t know, Jasmine is pot-friendly, easy to care for plant; grows as a vine with tiny bunch of flowers. Some variety also grows as shrub. It needs good amount of sun light to grow.  According to research Jasmine improves quality of sleep, calms anxiety, and one feels better on waking up. It also increases alertness. Jasmine, lavender, gardenia can be grown indoors and are known to improve quality of sleep.