Inner Transformation


Inner transformation is for everyone and all should embrace it as part of life. Just like it is normal and expected for a baby to grow from infant to babyhood and from there to an adult – in shape, appearance, and physical strength, it is also important to realize that growing from within at mental and emotional level is also necessary, normal and expected.

If not we will never make balanced and complete individuals. In a 25 year old body a five year old mind will look odd! Looking like an adult and behaving like a teenager. Such a child will face many disasters at various milestones of life…

While right food and exercise will help our body to grow, remain fit, and perform various tasks, our actions, behavior, and reactions will pave path for our mental journey and growth.  Life is made of experiences. Lessons we learn from them shape our personality.

Inner transformation happens inside our mind, by thinking positive.  Positive outcome in any situation is a result of a calm and rested mind. Mind fed on knowledge and meditation helps one grow. Knowledge and meditation give clarity and larger perspective on the issue.

When we learn a positive lesson from a negative experience by accepting it instead of fighting, escaping, struggling and getting involved in blame game, we evolve as human beings.  For those who have attained this mindset are winners already.

An important lesson to learn here is that it is us who are responsible for all our actions, for every word we speak, every finger we point.  No logic or reasoning can justify we did not mean how the other person has perceived it. If we simply accept our doing, a lot can change for the better.  Before speaking a word we should be aware that it can be perceived either way and may lead to several consequences.

When we learn to let go what we can’t hold is also how we grow.  Acceptance of a situation calls for maturity. We grow when we choose silence over arguments or confrontation. Emerging wiser, continuing to do positive deed, and treating people with respect is a sign of emotional growth.

One exercise we can all carry out is to revisit the past to understand and analyse consequences of various negative experiences we had in our present life. Based on it we can control our future actions and reactions.  If something is not going to be important 5 or 7 years from now, why spoil the fun or waste our time and energy cribbing or grumbling over it. Best is to just let it pass…..

When all our actions are sincerely focused on creating peace and not confusion or spreading negative vibes is when we can say that we are on the path of growth. When we learn to listen thereby understanding the need of the other person of being heard is when we grow. If we accept and respect the other person’s point of view is when we can safely say we are growing.

Growth happens step by step, over a period of time. It is not some book, theory or an exam that is here today and gone tomorrow. It is a practical life skill that impacts our entire life and happens day after day.  We have to learn our lessons everyday and apply them every day to emerge stronger, mature adults at peace with themselves.