Your mind will answer most of the questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer…

Vishwa Foundation offers Journey towards Bliss a 5 day course to deal with stress and attain physical, emotional and spiritual wellness…

“We may have been born as a human, but we are all meant to become Divine, to live a life filled with peace, health and happiness and free from stress and fear!” Dr. Purushottam.

While Level I Program, the Creation of Happiness Course is a 3 day induction workshop that introduces individuals to mind training and a peek into their inner self, the level II Journey towards Bliss is a 5 Day Transformation Course that offers you many benefits beyond.

The course basically trains and tunes your mind at a higher level where your thinking evolves and you are able to see the problem more objectively and are able to address and resolve it more effectively.

The Level 2 advanced training course is designed for people who have completed the Level 1 course and want to deal with conflicts within, want to deal with personal and professional crises more effectively; and evolve at emotional and spiritual level. The course also helps capacity building and mind empowerment. People become more creative, attain happiness and harmony, and enjoy better interpersonal relationships in life after attending this program and learning the techniques to train their minds. Swadhyaya has also helped people to get rid of some of their worst addictions.

It is conducted in a residential format in a spiritually supercharged environment of the Shivpuri Ashram at Akkalkot.


The Level 2 Course teaches participants about the Panch Saadhan Marg or PSM. It introduces them to PSM based Ahar (diet) and Vihaar (lifestyle) counseling, Intense Homa sessions, Advanced Yoga and Pranayama, Shambhavi Mediation, Swasthya Ayurveda therapies, Agnihotra Farming Methods (AFM) and a tour of Shivpuri and Guru Mandir.

The course brings a positive shift in mindsets. Participants are taught to think beyond the obvious which helps them evolve and find new levels of energy and excellence.

Conducted by Dr. Purushottam himself, the course gives a new and broader perspective of looking at life which results in making it more peaceful, prosperous and happy.

Some part of this course is also supervised by highly trained instructors and teachers, who have trained directly with Dr. Purushottam. These teachers guide the participants through these five days of in-depth learning and understanding of self. This course gives us tools and techniques to enhance our potential, stretch our boundaries and achieve excellence.

Though this course gives an impression of being a `heavy’ on the mind’ program, we want to assure participants that it is not so. Techniques and knowledge are shared through language and concepts which are easy to understand and follow in an environment conducive to learning and absorbing.

The instructors know that unless participants feel at ease, they won’t be able to benefit from the program.

This course is also called a Swadhyaya course. Swadhyaya is a Sanskrit  word made with two words. SWA, meaning the Self; and Adhyaya, meaning Knowledge. The process through which we gain insight and knowledge about our true Blissful Radiant Self is  Swadhyaya

Eligibility- Successful Completion of Level 1 Course

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