Lack of Exercise Can Ruin Quality of Your Life

A women at the edge of the ocean doing yoga.

The worst thing an unhealthy body does is that it ruins the quality of your life. In an unhealthy body, rests an unhealthy mind (and vice versa); and you’ll agree that all our enjoyments are mind-based; and if our brains don’t feel healthy and function properly, life will lose its charm.  Let’s discuss aspects that poor health can cause.

Diseases: For those of us who don’t exercise become more prone to health conditions such as blood pressure, bad mood, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and also certain types of cancers. Thus lack of physical activity has significant effects; many may now show while we’re young and can rough it out, but as one grows, some new problems may surface which may give us a harrowing time. And by then, it may be a bit late to reverse the situation and that is when rounds of doctors and medicines consume us.

Immune System: Lack of exercise affects appetite; and poor appetite shows poorly on the skin, hair, the way we feel, and a weak immune system. While strong immune system helps to fight bacteria and viruses that cause illnesses from common cold to cancer, heart disease, arthritis; a weak one gives in much sooner.

Emotional Fitness: Lack of exercise takes a toll on our emotional life and stress levels. If we do not exercise, over a period of time the stress and emotional turmoil that occurs in our life can drive us insane and at such a stage some of us may also seek professional psychiatric help. We don’t realize how stressful our lives have become! We go along thinking we’re okay and all is in control but the reality is opposite many a times.

There are scientific evidences to prove that chance of catching a cold and other such common illnesses on even a slight trigger is directly proportional to the stress one is handling at that point of time. Emotions like stress, fear, grief, anger etc are not an avoidable, but for those of us who exercise have good hormones secretion which helps us to face and fight them more effectively, calm down easily, and think clearly. If we exercise we manage our emotions, anxieties and pressures better.

Anti Ageing: Exercise offers anti-ageing benefits; try doing 30 minutes of strength exercises two days a week to see how it transforms your body and makes you feel a few years younger! People who don’t exercise age faster; their body has less strength and they’re more fragile. E.g. people who exercise, say do weight training preserve their bone density which comes in handy in older age by reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Chain reaction: Exercise or lack of it affects all our body systems, some directly, some indirectly. Lack of exercise affects our brain because it affects our sleep; it affects our immune system because it affects our diet and digestion and so on and so forth. And when something is wrong almost everywhere how can we remain healthy?

If devoting 30 minutes 5 days a week for fitness can change the course of our lives, let’s run with it!