Laugh your way to good health!!


Did you know that laughing is good for your health? No, we are not joking, it really is!!! Here are some cool health benefits of laughter-

  1. Relaxes the muscles- A good laugh relaxes the muscles relieving any tension or stress being caused to them
  2. Increases immunity- Laughing helps the activation of cells which defend the body against infections
  3. Pain killer- Laughing releases endorphin’s which are natural pain killers in our body
  4. Lowers Blood Pressure- Laughing helps lower blood pressure levels thus protecting against stroke, etc
  5. Ab Workout- Laughing involves the contraction and release  your abdominal muscles giving them a good workout
  6. Lowers chance of respiratory illness- Laughing is a great way of exercising the lungs and increasing lung capacity, which helps in keeping the respiratory diseases at bay
  7. Good for the mind- Laughing helps improve alertness and is also a good way of increasing creativity as it relaxes the mind by dissolving negative emotions
  8. Good for the heart- It is a great way to exercise the muscles of your heart and provides the necessary pumping as is required in a slow walk
  9. Well being- Laughter sends a message to the body that everything is fine and there is no immediate danger or emergency. This feeling increases positive emotions and improves the chances of good health.

So did you laugh a lot today? It is a tool that is easy to use and also good for your overall health. So laugh your way to good health!!!