Let Ma Durga Awaken You Spiritually This Season!



Durga puja or Navaratri is a popular Indian festival where Goddess Durga is worshipped by performing different rituals through nine days of celebrations. Goddess Durga represents female energy.  India perhaps is the only country in the world where female energy is worshipped by giving it a form of Goddess.

It is common knowledge that Durga Puja depicts & celebrates victory of good over evil.  However the celebrations lasting 9 days go beyond rituals and celebration of good over bad. Durga Puja has a deeper spiritual significance and symbolizesone’s journey to self-realization and attaining soul consciousness.

The purification process that starts before the celebrations need not be limited to cleaning of the surrounding areas alone; it is also about initiating a cleaning or purification process within our-selves. It is only when we have cleansed ourselves inside-out that we will be able to recognize the supreme spirit and sync with the divine energy. When we reach such a state is when energy will come unto us showing and leading us to a higher path and purpose in life.

The preparations for nine days of celebrations start early as this is the time we focus on cleaning and removingimpurities and the demoniacal elements that we may attracted on ourselves in our physical state of being.

We need to understand and accept that the only way to create space for positive energy and auspicious divine qualities is by getting rid of negative energy. This may not come easy to all, (especially) to beginners as their bodies and minds may not be tuned to this process just as yet.  It may require resolute will, determined effort, strength and infinite power.

In the first three days of celebrations, ma Durga represents power and the destroyer of evil aspect of her personality is worshipped. During this phase the spiritual aspirant prays for help and guidance to get rid of impurities, vices, negativities and other blockages that may create obstacle in the journey to become soul conscious, pure, and evolved.  In this phase the Goddess acts as your protector and destroys evil tendencies that may block your path.

From day four to six the Goddess takes form of Lakshmi bestowing the divine wealth and purity on the devotees.During second phase the devotee is at ease, feeling calm, and positive inside. Negativity has gone and the space is spare and ready to be occupied by positive life forces.  The individual soaks in and absorbs all the good that comes his/her way.

At this point the process of routing out the evil and developing divine qualities begins; and the devotee is ready to absorb the wisdom. The mind and body become tuned to receiving this new light of knowledge and wisdom. And this is when the third and concluding phase of celebrations sets in and ma Lakshmi takes the form of Saraswati; the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. She bestows her blessings; you are tuned to her energy and soak in the good to become a better and more evolved individual.

Tenth day, which is VijayaDashmi then becomes the celebration of having attained liberation from all the evil and negatives from one’s life and body and progressing towards better, more evolved, and a spiritually conscious life.

This nine day cycle also tells us that there are no short cuts to attain spirituality. You can’t begin to gather good without getting rid of the bad. Knowledge will not descend until the impurities have been wiped from your personality. Purity will not develop until you have created place for it by removing negativity. To process of dealing with all that is evil is quite simple. You have to accept it. This acknowledgement makes it easier to remove it and develop a positive trait in its place. Once this process starts inside you, you are on your way to evolve.