Life Begins At 60!

Portrait of a happy senior African American couple on a sunny day at the park.  The man is sitting and looking at the camera.  The woman is standing with her arms wrapped around her husband, looking away.

I am a great believer of life begins at sixty; and also that we can all lead emotionally happy, financially secure, and physically healthy life after sixty, with some planning.  60 is a new phase in one’s life, just like it is when we choose a career or take our first job. And the way we prepare for those phases, this one also needs some planning. Sixties is the new 50s to say the least. Most of us are physically strong, comfortable to work for a few more years, our mind is ripe, and our social life is happening!

With some planning 60s can really become the best phase of our life, with less running around and fewer ambitions to chase, it is easier to slow down, do things that we enjoy doing, bloom like never before; taste success like we never did, take pleasure in moments that we never considered. All you need to do is wake up, and plan.

When we start the first innings of life, we are dependent on our parents, guided to choose/pursue a career, applauded on our first salary, first job, first promotion, all of us are young and many of us reckless; with family support at bay and always well looked after, sometimes we miss out on lessons of life. Those who are fortunate and plan at this stage of life are the ones who reap returns for the rest of their lives, make their sixties naturally a good phase. Most of us realise this much later. But this article is going to share some facts which will convince you that it’s never too late to plan for sixties.

I have learnt and observed that it takes 20 years of planning to make next 20 years of our life better. If first 20 years of my life are spent well pursuing education and achieving excellence, it will make next twenty years better, and if I use 20-40 years of life wisely, it will impact the next 20 years and so on. Twenty years is a time span to plan and change the next phase our life for the better. Hence for sixties to be good 40s is the best time to plan. We are not late…. provide we wake up and are ready to make some big changes. Big means big, not impossible!

We have to understand one thing that if we in our 30s and 40s envy life of some of our friends, we should have worked harder in the 20s and earlier and should have excelled at whatever we were pursuing at that age; but since we missed out on that big opportunity and situation can’t be reversed,  here we are. But instead of regretting and whining over what can’t be changed, let’s make the best of what we have now and make the next 20 years better, sounder, safer, solid!

40s is the best time to plan for 60s. If it has not started in our 20s, let’s start NOW at whatever age and stage we are. We are earning; let’s learn to spend well, save, and invest wisely; find a wealth manager. Associate with right people; learn to adopt healthy eating and exercising habits; these are the things that will help you to lead a happy, sound, and a fulfilling life later.

If you’re in mid 30s, hitting 40, or slightly past it, and don’t have much to show for it, don’t worry; just focus on future more seriously and in a few years things will be in control. Save to become financial secure; save as in invest wisely. Take care of your body; take care of your mind.  Put your knowledge, perception, and intelligence to good use. In two words, WAKE UP! It will take you some time to get used to the new routine, but over time when your physical strength builds up (and your savings too) is when you will start enjoying the routine, feel confident. It will change your entire demeanour. Good health and financial security stand by you and give inner strength like nothing else.

Learn to make do with less, shop less, travel less; no impulsive temperament; slow down and spend the time in the company of the wise. Journey of self discovery is not such a bad idea after all! If you’ve never done it before, do it now. Keep company of people who are lead a simple life, are big on saving, are good investors and are less materialistic. It will do you good. There’s no better feeling than “things are in control”.

If you have not started preparing for 60s take your first step. Now is the right time. 60s can be the most wonderful phase, provided you create right conditions.