What Makes Neem The Wonder Tree?


Neem tree has a hundred medicinal values. It has been known as a wonder tree for it does more than you can imagine. From healing skin irritation to balancing heat in the body, it helps in many ways.

It is Anti Cancer: The most important property of neem leaves is that it kills cancerous cells. We all have cancerous cells in our body and under certain peculiar situations they come together, become strong and attack our body to create problems. If you eat neen leaves everyday it will keep these cancer cells scattered and not let them come together.

Fights Bad Bacteria: We have bacteria all around us, including inside us. Some bacteria are good and some are bad. Without some baceria our body would not be able to perform an important function like digestion. If we eat neem leaves everyday it cleanses our intenstine and digestive track of bad bacteria. When this happens our body has to fight less against bacteria and thus our body’s energy gets saved. To destroy bacteria on our body we should soak a few neem leaves in water and bathe with that water. If we make a paste of neem leaves and apply and scrub on our body, it helps to destroy bacteria causing infection, skin related disorders, and body odour to an extent.

Helps in Yoga & During Travel: Neen generates heat and this heat generates energy in the body. And when you perform yoga, depending on your practice your body generates hot and cold waves which the neen leaves help to balance. This balance that neen leaves create also help you to stay healthy during travel when you are travelling from cold to hot (and vice versa) place and have to adjust to various kinds of foods in the journey. Neem helps you to digest all kinds of food and digest water too.

One also has to be very careful while consuming neem leaves because its excess consumption will kill sperm cells. Women in their first trimster of pregnancy should avoid consuming neem leaves. Since the leaves cause excess heat, it is bad in this period. However it does not adversely impact reproductory organs in anyway. Even while planning a baby, it is better to avoid neem.

Oeerall neen has many benefits. It protects, it heals, it fights disease, skin problems,  it treats internally as well as externally, it treats insect bites, fungi, bacteria etc; it cleanses internally and externally. Its flowers are used in cooking. Neem is used in making cosmetics. Many medicines are also made from neem and its extractions. All its parts including the bark, root, flowers, fruit, leaves are used in making medicines etc. It purities air.