Man & Environment –Let’s Save the Equilibrium


There is no equilibrium more dynamic that can beat the man-nature balance.  What trees & greens breathe in, humans and animals breathe out; and what they breathe out, men and animals breathe in. As john Muir rightly said, “God has cared for the trees, saved them from drought, disease and avalanches, and a thousand tempest and floods, but he cannot save them from fools.” In spite of being so close and so important for each other’s survival, man is losing sight of it and destroying nature.

Environment influences human life and we in turn, modify environment around us to suit growth and other activities; plus natural outcomes like death and decay in natural course of life. Nature in turn does the same; it adjusts or alters its patterns to survive in existing conditions. Thus nature and environment are in tandem as well as at loggerheads at different junctures affecting each other in a number of ways.

Nature has allowed human beings to use its resources to progress industrially, agriculturally, socially, and in many other ways. Humans have modified resources as per their will whenever they have wanted to lead a more organized and systematic life. And this has been happening for many years now. The speed at which a man is taking or extracting from environment, he is not reciprocating. He is not helping nature in any way that nature can restore what it is fast losing. And this is creating imbalance. Interdependence between man and nature is losing is sheen. And it has begun to show in obvious ways. Organizations concerned for environment have been pressing the red button for a while now.

The consequences come to the fore with issues when depletion of environment quality is felt, earth’s natural ecosystem gets disturbed, and there is environmental pollution & ecological imbalances, and resources getting exhausted and so on. There is this good news and the bad. The bad news is that we are a bit lat; good news is that there is a way out. We can still work on it if we decide to. A way can be found to stop things like unplanned urbanisation and profit centric capitalism, which is western developed world’s gift to the entire world!  These things are responsible for creating environmental crisis and ecological imbalance which is not only affecting their own countries but the impact is being felt in the whole world.

The steps countries and their respective government will take are going to play an important role but role of individuals can’t be denied either.  We need to control and population explosion, we will have to find a way to use non polluted water resources in a better manner, we will have to promote agricultural growth, keep a check on soil erosion, restore forests, pollution control,  using natural resources effectively, conserve and protect biodiversity, reuse, recycle, and so on.