What is Massage?


Abhayanga’  or Oil Massage has been highly praised by all ancient seers of Ayurveda. It is beneficial to balance disharmonious Vata and Pitta doshas and is supportive to the health of the skin.

Massage is an age-old therapeutic and healing art that has been in existence at least as long as medicine itself. References to massage can be found in Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medical literature dating back 3000 BC and in the writings of Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, in 460 BC. Professionally administering a massage incorporates scientific manipulation of muscles, ligaments and connecting tissues. Aimed at increasing efficient body functioning, massage techniques stimulate some parts of the body and relax others at the same time. It is a relatively simple yet systematic tool, which not only helps heal injuries and correct imbalances but also promotes body awareness, relaxation and vitality. ‘Massage’ is an extension of the instinctive urge to touch a painful part of the body and often to rub it.  It also allows the essence of therapeutic oils to penetrate through the skin.

Massage also provides means for patient healer contact, a very important factor in healing.