Positives of Crisis 


Crises makes us stronger, wiser, it evolves us, makes us better human beings…. and more.

There is never anything good about tough and trying times; crises we face, be it personal, medical, or professional. In the sense that, we could have easily done without a phase like that! We make our own plans and prepare to walk the path and then suddenly we’re walking a different path. May be it is a physical diagnoses that stops us cold, for many life and career come to a screeching halt, or some other crises. Life stops for some time. Everything comes to a halt. A feeling grips us that life can never take off and be the same again.

But tough times don’t last forever. Life sorts itself out with time.  These are in fact times and phases in our lives that teach us bigger lesson like we have no control over some things that happen to us, whether we name it destiny, karma or what we may.

Even though while suffering a crises there is immense sense of loss and emotional deficit, and some crises may also limit our ability to function, yet the higher truth prevails and this painful process sows a seed that creates something new within us to make us strong and survivors, a quality that we’ve not known about ourselves before.

Though our body and mind suffer deep pain and sometimes even loss owing to medical treatment and stress, our spirits evolve and we become more compassionate. I know a cancer survivor for whom the diagnoses created a big hole in the professional schedule, jet-set lifestyle came to a halt…but with time and wisdom on her side, she’s learnt new lessons, and found new perspective to lead a more meaningful life. She tries hard every day to be a better human. She has resumed her career and is present at the social dos but with a difference; this time, she’s more compassionate.

Some wise career and health survivors on hindsight believe that the situation they were into was created by them at deeper level. So when crises strike, such people know how to get up and take way forward. By adopting this new approach they were able to recover & embrace or create better outcome this time around. Such people are happier in life, jobs, and are making time for family dinners each and every night.   In the process they’ve learnt another important lesson – they’ve learnt to trust their instincts.

Some survivors who were absolutely devastated to leave their high flying and demanding career behind and were ready to slow down, proved to be a catalyst for change that introduced them to career possibilities they  never thought existed and now they feel very settled, happy, and fulfilled in their new-found stable, secure, career that brings them happiness and contentment everyday that they did not experience in a long time.

All sorts of good outcomes can be heart of that happen to the winning survivors. Facing any kind of crises is never welcome but those of us who overcome the challenge find an inner strength, often a few direction in life, develop an empathy for other people is same or similar situation, to be able to unite with them in their fight.

Surviving crises is a sign of a grown up mind. It makes us practical, wiser and gracious. Facing hard times in life is a complex situation, but the skill to survive and emerge winner that we learn through the trial solidifies us and makes us who we are.

The show thus goes on! If you have also survived crises, do share your experiences with our community to help them tap into their inner resources to find a way out.