Practical Solutions to Overcome Binge Eating Disorder


Binge eating is a horrific disorder not only for its consequences and side effects that may reflect rest of our lives but also because it makes its way in quietly and isn’t an easy habit to break or overcome. And without meaning to sound discouraging to those who are reading it to find a solution I’d like to tell you that there isn’t a formula that will work for everyone. This disorder is as customized as its solutions can be!!

Through this article we’ve tried to list down as many solutions as we could find that had worked for people.  You can pick and run with one that you think will work for you. The only hard work we are trying to save you is that we have collected and presented them before you through the article. So you just shop, pick and choose, and not pay a penny….!! Well, well, well if we do expect one thing in reciprocation- if what you choose works for you, we’d appreciate it very much if you share your experience with other binge eaters who are trying to deal with the condition.

As mentioned earlier there are no strait jackets to fit into because all body types are different, and so are their triggers of binging! While some go on binging on chocolate, some gorge on ice creams, and some whatever they can bite their teeth into! Some are in a trance and don’t even sometimes remember they gorged and half emptied the fridge. It is a terrible disorder that in majority of instances arises out of stress. And just like you have not developed this habit overnight or have reached this stage within a few days, you will not get over this habit overnight or quickly.

The first rule is that whenever you set out to quit the habit or take any step to reach goal, don’t go into it with half heart or mind. For example in the case of binge eating don’t come up with excuses like, “I will search for an alternate diet that is fat free or low carb etc o when next time the attack strikes at least the calorie count is not so bad!”. Sorry to say but here you go down the wrong road again.….don’t give your body confusing messages. Give it one message; give it the right one and stick to it. Give a positive message to your mind to adjust to the new routine. Including more variety into your diet is a better way of thinking than ICECREAM IS OUT. Be kind to yourself!

Don’t expect to get it right at once. You may stumble, break the promise, cheat in the beginning, miss out, give in… go to the weighing scale all too often. But nothing matters or will stay permanently if you’re convinced that you have to get it right and get over binge eating. Try to think this without the stress.

Also slow down in mind and think of food as something you can enjoy instead of gorging and filling up your stomach with.  If you are trying to break the habit and in the process go for foods that you particularly like, it will be a huge put off and won’t work for you at all. So while choosing foods to curb binge eating choose healthy stuff that you like and will enjoy.  Think about a fit body and how it will change your life, impression and self esteem (i.e. if it has gotten that far yet).


Try a few solutions to begin with and then take it to advanced level. Keep yourself motivated in the process and be around a supportive group of people when you’re trying to make things work.