How to prepare for a marathon




If you’ve decided to run a marathon, or a half marathon, the first person to share this news with is your doctor. It’s very important to make sure you’re in a healthy state to run long distances before you make an announcement to the world!

Know why you are participating in the marathon. The reason will help the instructor to come up with an appropriate fitness / training plan. For example you are taking the marathon in someone’s memory then speed is not important but if your objective is to finish a full marathon in 4 hours straight, your instructor will like to put you through another diet, routine, etc.

Know the area where you are going to run your marathon; is it hilly or straight road? Know about whether conditions, don’t wear new sweat shirt, shoes, socks etc as they may obstruct your speed or strength in a way that you have no clue about as you’ve never worn those items before.

Once you freeze on whether it’s the half or full marathon that you have in mind, talk to your instructor who will give you a plan to prepare for the run ahead. It’s generally 3-5 miles a day for a half marathon and 5 -6 miles for a full marathon with relevant breaks.

Once the plan is finalized stick to it; just because you are excited and have the stamina don’ add miles or speed too fast to the routine that’s been planned for your, without consulting instructor.

Accept that you can’t stick to your routine exactly the way it has been planned for you. A sick child or parent can break the routine but that’s okay/ don’t compensate with speed or without consulting your instructor as such things can lead to injury which may stay with you for many years to come. Avoid it at all costs.

Keep a close watch on your heart beat rate. If you ever notice a considerable jump or drop in your heart rate, inform the physician immediately.  Your morning heart rate between 60 – 63 is considered normal in majority of cases and this variation is no big deal. However if it shoots from 63 to 70 or 72, you should visit or inform your doctor or instructor of the same.

Be in a positive frame of mind; don’t let anxiety or over-excitement take you over. If you are relaxed and in a positive mindset it will help you to build a better quality of stamina and energy which will come in handy as you run it to a perfect finish!