Raw Sugar vs White Sugar


With the number of diabetics and obese people increasing to an alarming level, it is important for us to understand and reconsider the choice of sweeteners we use in our daily diet. The most common sweetener that is used all over the world is the refined white sugar. It is used in every home as a sweetener and also used in a large quantity by the food industry. This refined sugar is also made from cane and beet juice but is made up of carbohydrates and is known worldwide as a source of unnecessary calories in our daily diet. It is also common knowledge that white sugar is a certain way to enhance blood sugar and cause many harmful effects to the body. It has no nutritional value as every ounce of nutrition is removed from it during the manufacturing process. It may also have many harmful chemicals like carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid, sulfur dioxide, formic acid and calcium hydroxide.

That is the reason over consumption of these sugar or sugar based products lead to many leading public health problems. Based on this data sugar is being considered an evil substance and leading dietitian advise people to stay away from sugar or sweetened foods. But this is not correct. It is correct that refined white sugar is bad for your health and one must stay far away from them.

There are other healthier alternative to white sugar which are not harmful to the body and offer great nutritional  and medicinal value to our food. One can say that there are good sugars and bad sugars. The white sugar is the bad one as it harms the body and the good ones are those that occur naturally are not processed as much. Unrefined sugar is a very good example. Honey is also a very good choice but it cannot be used in everything.

Raw sugar is also made from cane or beet juice but they are not processed as much as the white sugar. This is the reason they retain many naturally occurring nutrients and minerals which are not found in the white sugar. This not only makes the raw sugar a healthier alternative to white sugar for its taste but also is a good source of nutrition. It is a good source of potassium, iron, magnesium, etc. Plus they have the benefit of not containing the harmful chemicals which get retained due to the extensive processing.

White sugar is found in almost every processed food, examples cola drinks, chips, sweets, & baked goods. It is very easy to stay off white sugar. Just add raw sugar to your monthly shopping list and instead of snacking on soft drinks, chips, cookies, processed snacks choose healthier alternatives like fresh fruits.

All natural sugars are the types that occur naturally in many plants that we eat on a daily basis. Fruits & vegetables of all kinds contain natural sugars. They are an essential part of our daily diet. Because these sugars are completely unprocessed & bound alongside dozens of other nutrients, they are safe to eat in a moderate amount.