Bacteriostatic effect-

In a series of experiments conducted by a group of microbiologists & pathologists under the guidance of Dr A.G. Mondkar and Shri.Y.B. Sohoni the behavior of micro flora was studied in the atmosphere generated by Agnihotra. It was observed that the Agnihotra atmosphere was markedly Bacteriostatic. In it more than 96% growth of bacteria was inhibited. Agnihotra atmosphere acted as a shield in which bacteria, especially the pathogenic types were not allowed to grow. In another set of trials conducted in the highly polluted areas, similar results were noted. It was observed that there is definite reduction in aerial micro flora after performing Agnihotra.


Tranquility through Agnihotra-


Researchers working in the area of Kirilian photography concluded that the aura of plants and human hand prints changed from high stress levels to an aura of tranquility.


Lowered Stress levels-

At the defense institute of physiology and allied sciences (DIPAS) New Delhi, Dr. Selvamurthy (Sr. Scientist) studied the physiological effects of Agnihotra on the human mind and body. It was observed that during the performance of Agnihotra, the heart rate showed a declining trend, body temperature was raised, GSR remained significantly higher, ECG showed DC shift in base, EEG showed constant changes, power in Alpha band increased, while there was a tendency of suppression in delta power. T has been concluded that Agnihotra atmosphere has distinct beneficial effects on mind and body leading to mental tranquility.


The mind gains confidence due to the high energy Prana causing a positive effect on the Mind by elevating the Sattva. The Mind is then able to deal with situations in a more balanced way. This results in lowering of the high stress levels of the mind, induces tranquility and provides inner peace. This also helps in increasing the confidence and concentration or focus levels.

Beneficial effect of Agnihotra on children-


The effects of Agnihotra atmosphere on the minds of children are excellent. Agnihotra instills good Sanskaar in them. Hyperactive and peevish children calm down in Agnihotra atmosphere. They can concentrate more easily on their studies in this atmosphere. It has been seen that the capacity to focus increases in children. Mentally retarded children have been found to respond much more favorably to their treatment in Agnihotra atmosphere.


Enhanced Willpower and confidence level-


Countless individuals hailing from all walks of life and all parts of the world confirm unanimously that Agnihotra has brought a new dawn of peace, contentment and fulfillment in their lives. Enhanced levels of confidence and motivation are experienced by all of them with the practice of Agnihotra.


Alcohol and drug addicts, it is observed, have overcome their habits as ‘Agnihotra atmosphere’ generates strong will power and steely resolve in their minds.


Practice of Agnihotra has been found useful in drug and alcohol de-addiction programs conducted by Lt. Col. G.R. Golecha, (Sr. Advisor) Dep. of Psychiatry, Indian Army.


It gives positive strength to the mind and enhances motivation to quit the addiction.

The Agnihotra atmosphere elevates the Sattva and lowers the Tama causing the Mind to gain the necessary strength to fight the dependency and gain freedom from the addiction.


Benefits in farming and gardening-


Agnihotra ash and its resultant atmosphere are being employed as useful in Ecological-Farming practices. Hundreds of farmers are regularly practicing Agnihotra farming methods. The fruits, vegetables and grains grown by this method are qualitatively better in texture, taste and size as compared to controlled farms where regular use of pesticides and fertilizers is done. Agnihotra atmosphere induces rapid seed germination. Agnihotra ash is an effective fertilizer and helps in releasing soluble phosphate from the soil.


The plants grown in Agnihotra atmosphere are richer in taste and higher in Veerya.