Life Skills Our Kids be Taught as They Finish School & Step into Adulthood- Part 1



While the modern education system teaches our kids to write, read, maths, science and other such subjects, it doesn’t train them to hone skills that will make them capable to join the highly competitive global workforce. Unless your ward is taught by exceptional teachers who besides imparting education via books also impart life skills that will help them in life later.

Life skills are life skills. One is not more or less important than the other. Depending on child’s goals and surroundings, he may use specific life skills more and others less. Since it is impossible to predict which life skills exactly will child benefit from in future, it is important that they’re taught all the primary life skills.  For our convenience and ease of learning we’ll divide them into following categories.

Another thing about life skills is that it can’t be taught through books or considered qualified on passing examination. Life skills are what you learn on the side that help you to deal with different life situations. It is a combination of quick analytical thinking, and implementing solution that maximises plus about the outcome and minimizes minuses.

Money Matters: Child should be introduced to money management at an early stage. Take your little one to the bank or ATM sometime. Thus you set the stage for a financial conversation. Little information for small minds; you can feed more as they grow. To teach your kids value of money is a big picture, breaking them into smaller acts means teaching them about saving, buying, selling, investing, keeping money safe, writing and sighing cheques, paying bills, online transactions and so on.

Teach Your Child to Read & Think: Develop thinking and analytical thinking in your child while he’s still young. Inculcate the habit of questioning instead of obeying every instruction as a rule. It will open his mind and also thus he’ll learn to find answers. Asking question also builds her confidence. Introduce child to reading and the world of imagination. Kids get to read in school but it’s for a reason, i.e. to attain knowledge and is mostly subject specific. When he reads for pleasure out of choice it will open the whole new world of learning for him. You can add the internet angle to both these things. Teach your child to read, seek answers, and cross check them on the internet.