Retreats – Refreshing Yourself, Relaxing, & Taking a Journey into the Deeper Self

Enrolling into a retreat is about taking time out from your ordinary life and situations to  relax physically and emotionally and improve your inner awareness. The pursuit to transform ourselves into evolved human beings is the most sacred and true purpose of life, that creates a feeling of happiness and inner balance. Our highly successful retreats help to transform your physical & mental well-being through ancient scientific detoxification techniques, yoga, and meditation; and slow down your mind.  The de-cluttering of mind prepares you for a spiritual journey to reach the ultimate potential within.

Below listed are the main retreats we offer, which include a series of suitable lifestyle changes, therapies,  yogic exercises, meditation, diet plans etc.

Heal & Relax:

Complete Wellness:

Discover Health:

Whether guests enroll into Vishwa Retreats for  taking a healthy-holiday break to relax & detoxify their body; cleanse their mind and spirit; or for  treating any specific health condition; we constantly urge to our guests that while undergoing and experiencing  physical relaxation and emotional joys of our therapies, they also spend some time to look inward. We at Vishwa believe that the best and the most wonderful way to touch a life is through inspiring, strengthening, & nurturing the spiritual quest.

Our retreats promote simplicity, yoga, organic lifestyle, and more. We’ve ensured that there’s something for everyone. Whether guests are enrolling into 10 days or two days program, our retreats prove to be an offbeat yet healthy-vacation break. It calms you down; and renews and invigorates your system.


At the end of the program you’ll experience  health and vitality, mental clarity, emotional balance, high energy levels throughout the day; less stress, sounder, and a more relaxed sleep.

You will be able to control and arrest chronic ailments like asthma, arthritis, allergies, diabetes, back pain, epilepsy, hypertension, sinusitis, obesity, rheumatism, skin ailments, eye problems, migraine, etc at an early stage.

Outcome of Retreats

After participating in retreats you’ll attain an increased ability to handle stressful situations; your focus, memory productivity, efficiency, & inter-human relationships will improve, you’ll establish positive & open approach towards life, attain inner peace and fulfillment; win over your deep-set fears, thus lead a better quality of life.

All our programs are well researched and designed by experienced health & wellness experts, wherein modern therapies are merged with the magnificent ancient wisdom and science.

We offer regular as well as intensive programs. Our various retreats include a wide range of treatment and therapies like the highly relaxing mud baths, invigorating massages, oil baths, life enhancing yogic practices, special diet plans, herbal tonics etc to uplift and rejuvenate you.

Our consultants will guide you to choose a retreat. We promise that whichever retreat you go with, at the end of the program, you’ll feel vibrant; your body and mind in perfect sync.