Rule of Happiness- Buy Only what You NEED!

Portrait of young businessman looking at camera

Money is a limited resource for most of us and we’re constantly trying to put it to best use. Different individuals use their money in different ways but the final goal for everyone is always the same, and that is, that it should give us happiness. Everyone around seems to be chasing happiness and believes that they can buy happiness with money.  To an extent this also holds true.

It is with money that we can buy food, water, clothing, medical needs, and shelter. The more money we have the better we will be able to eat, drink, wear, and live; how healthy we will live is only partly dependent on money.

It is a fact that our standard of living is influenced by money and our happiness quotient is highly dependent on how we live and where we stand in the society we live or aspire to be a part of. Much has been said and written about money and happiness, one with and without the other.

Economists and Scientists have long been studying influence of money vis-à-vis happiness of an individual to understand if money really plays such a crucial role in one’s happiness. They’ve reached the conclusion that money is definitely an influencing factor but it can’t bring permanent happiness, in other words money can’t buy happiness.

Money can buy things, as in possessions; and it has been proved that things/possessions can’t buy anyone permanent happiness. Things are temporary attractions and with time the excitement fades and soon we are at a stage where happiness that we attached with those things don’t mean the same.  As soon as our mind get’s used to that thing, it begins to lose the charm. And soon we are chasing another thing, that we now find more exciting and when we possess that next thing, it also meets the same fate over time. This has been tested on number of groups, genders, in various countries and has held true everywhere; that a possession or thing doesn’t give the same amount of happiness forever.  Happiness diminishes as time passes.

Research has another very interesting take on happiness. It says that when instead of a thing you buy an experience that gives you happiness with money, this happiness experience lasts far longer. E.g. a musical concert, a holiday, or sponsoring education of a deserving candidate in need are some things that can be bought with money and they aren’t possessions. They will give the doer a feeling; the time span of the act may not last beyond a few minutes or hours but the feeling it gives fills you up with happiness or positive vibrations each time you remember it. Thus the experience of happiness gets better off the happiness that one derives from owing or buying something physically.

The happiness you feel when you see your old holiday photographs is more than happiness you get when you see an old pair of jacket of your favourite brand that you bought last year.

So before we spend money on something next time, let’s be wiser. Let’s be clear on what will bring us happiness that lasts longer. For some it could be saving. Saving gives a sense of security and each time we think of retirement or later years this saving will put us in a happy space. Why not! For some of us it could work like that! May be a holiday, going trekking with friends may not be same as buying your favourite jewellery that you have wanted to own for some time, but I promise the experience of having holidayed with friends on the mountain will stay with you forever, and bring a smile on your face for many years to come.