Shree Sharadamata Eco Farms

Vishwa does farming based on the Agnihotra Farming Method, a technique which is a blend of Agnihotra and PSM and techniques of Organic farming.


Shree Sharadamata Eco Farms, is a project located in and around Shivpuri, our international center. The total area under this project is 80 acres.

The focus of the entire project has been to develop a model farm to showcase the blend of AFM as an adjunct to traditional organic farming techniques. Most of our lands are rain dependent and have very little other source of water.

The region of Akalkot is a low rainfall zone and many times faces the threat of uneven rain during monsoon or even drought. We have been using the techniques of AFM to cultivate a wide variety of crops as a pilot project. Various grains like wheat, rice, jowar, pulses like mung, udad are grown. Also a lot of vegetables and fruits are grown.

Shivpuri has a very wide variety of horticultural plantations like mango, pomegranate, papaya, custard apple, coconuts, etc. After they are ready to eat, they are sent to our Annapurna community kitchen. Many Agnihotra families also buy the produce from our store. People from all over the world come to learn farming and participate in the farm work as a part of Seva or service. A demo plot has been created to cater to the learning requirements of the farmers.

Copy of DSC_0163Compost:

Every year a lot of compost is made in the farms as it is a vital part of the farming process. A large compost pit has been created near the Goshala. Every day the residual cow dung, farm waste and Agnihotra Ash are added in layers. The entire mixture is turned over periodically and the compost gets ready in no time. Most of this compost is used in the farms, but a large amount is also used in the tree plantation projects run by Vishwa.