Garbha Sanskar is a traditional and scientifically proven program for couples expecting a child. So if you are pregnant with your a child or are planning one, this is for you!

Garbha-SanskaarGarbha Sanskar has been a much researched, proven, and successful –  traditional yet scientific – physical and mental training program for couples planning or expecting a child. The program is a combination of Diet, Yoga, Music, Prayer, Breatheing Training, & Meditation. It has been scientifically confirmed that couples practicing Garbha Sanskar give birth to a healthy, intelligent, and spiritually tuned, independent  baby with a happy temperament.

Modern science has established that while the child is still in the womb it starts adapting to its surroundings and learning from its mother and the environment.

Garbha Sanskar program designed by the Vishwa Foundation starts from mental and physical preparation and purification process right from the stage of conceptualization; till safe pregnancy. And concludes with advice on how to ensure you take the best care for your baby. The environment that the expectant mother is exposed to, has a direct effect on the unborn.  In our Garbha Sanskar program we teach the expectant mother to create a positive environment around herself by thinking good thoughts, listening to soothing music, exercising and meditation to get the best results for the baby.

An expectant mother who has attended Garbha Sanskaar workshop has an improved chanced of delivering a healthy child. The program comprises of breathing techniques and training, taking various massages and therapies, exercises and music, Satsang, and counselling sessions based on the ancient sciences to give birth to a healthy, intelligent and strong child. Garbha Sanskaar is a ritual that takes care of the well being of the mother and child during a phase considered critical in both their lives. The instructors conducting the program supervise the health of the mother as her health will define health of the baby. The program ensures to provide vital nutrients through good food habits that will help maintain the health of both the mother and the baby.

This is a special program for expectant mothers. Women can join this program before conception or during the first or second trimester. For those of you who intend to enroll into this program before  conception,  we advise both the mother and father to undergo a detox Shodhana retreat.

According to Ayurveda, health of the child and its overall being is dependent on the health of the parents. So if the parents are suffering from something or are full of toxins it si likely that they will pass it on to the child. To avoid this eventuality we advice parents go through a detox.

The actual program consists of medicines that the expectant mother has to take during the course of her pregnancy. These tablets are a combination of herbs and prescribed depending on the stage of pregnancy. There are nine different tablets set prescribed through the nine months of pregnancy.

We also ship this kit to the patient after taking detailed history either on the phone or in person. We also advise the expectant mother to stay in touch with us on a regular basis. We also prescribe a set of several Asana and Pranayama technique that she has to follow.

Garbha sanskar helps you to go through a smooth, hassle-free, pregnancy, have a normal delivery, and bring a happy healthy baby into the world. Plus you recover faster, and feel full of energy to feed and look after your infant well during those first few months.

If you are an expectant mother, make sure you  enroll into our Garbha Sanskar program. It’s good for you; and it’s good for your baby!

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