Be it any problem… we the followers of Swami Samarth and its Guru Lineage believe that a heartfelt prayer always reaches His ears and helps us to find our solutions…

              On this page there is an online form at the bottom wherein you can send your prayer/say your prayer and send it to seek answers from Shree Swami Samarth…

                At some point in our lives, we all look heavenwards and pray. Sometimes in search of solutions to end our own sufferings or that of our loved ones; and sometimes in search of answers; often at crossroads….

               There are times when we find our answers easily & instantly and sometimes it feels like a never ending struggle. Either way, we revisited the prayer space all the time.

              For those of us who don’t, should make it a habit to do it, and do it often. Because prayer is power; and prayer heals. It brings calm, strength, and positivity in one’s life; and most importantly, prayer helps us to connect with our inner selves. It teaches us to be humble; it teaches us to understand the strength and power of surrender; it gives us the wisdom to understand and accept change.

               To pray we don’t need to attend tutorials; or worry about conditions. We can pray alone or together. However a prayer done with a free mind and clear conscience; whether for ourselves, or for others; gets answered.

If you or your loved ones are suffering and wish to end it by being able to do something about it – in prayers rest your best answers.

                 Send in your prayers to us; and we shall put it at the feet of the Guru to seek His divine guidance, blessings and answers for you. When we do that you will experience HIS grace, strength, and blessings breaking all barriers and reaching you so that you are able to face and deal with the problems as smoothly as you can imagine.

To pray is to channelize your energies. If you are able to do this right, peace will prevail.

Send in your prayers:

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