This land is special. It is conducive to right action and right thought. If any seed of Sat Karma (Good Karma) is sown in the land of Shivpuri, it sprouts and blossoms into a big tree within no time and effort. – Shree
The location where Shivpuri is presently situated was initially defined as a special area by Shree Swami Samartha Maharaj in the late eighteenth century, to be the land from where wisdom for global healing and oneness be propagated.
Shreeji, bought this land and established Shivpuri Ashram in the year 1953. He had said that this land will be known far and wide as the land of wisdom, healing sciences, universal brotherhood and unity.

The word Shiv- means purity and the word Puri- means abode. Thus Shivpuri means the abode of purity and healing.

The Samadhi of Swami Shivananda, the memorial site of the Mahasomayaga done in 1969, the Yajnya Pillar, the memorial and final resting place of Shree are some of the important spiritual sites in Shivpuri.

Shivpuri, located 3 kms to the north of the town of Akkalkot, is the international center of Vishwa Foundation. Shivpuri is a Vedic Eco Community that blends timeless wisdom with modern technology.

Spread over 150 acres of organic farms, themed gardens and Ayurvedic plantation, it’s a global community that attracts visitors from all around the world. Thousands visit our center every year to learn the concepts of PSM, feel the healing vibrations of Homa and experience an ideal Agnihotra lifestyle showcased through the various projects in education, healthcare and agriculture. Shivpuri today has become a global destination for healing and learning.

Learn timeless techniques of creating health and happiness, get a de-stressing healing session, buy healthy organic products, visit organic farms and medicinal plantations in our international center where you get an Ashram experience with modern amenities.