Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan maharaj, referred to as Shree by His followers all over the world, was a Divine Yogi.

Swami Shivananda, a Yogi who perpetuated the Mantra Yoga of sound ‘Om’ (Nadabramha) & Yogini Sonamata were Shree’s parents.

They belonged to the noble family of Rajimwale, the chieftains of an area of 84 villages like Rajim, Ratnapur & Pendra etc of the present Chhatisgarh state in India.

Swami Shivananda & Sonamata, even though lived amidst riches, were totally unattached to worldly matters. By the grace of a Saint, it was revealed to Sonamata that a Divine Yogi would be born as Her Son. Shree was born on 16th May 1918 in Kharagpur (Dist.Midnapore,W.Bengal, India).

Born in a noble family, Shree had the stars of a Sovereign King or Supreme Yogic Master in His horoscope.

According to the Buddhist tradition similar was the positioning of stars in the horoscope of Lord Buddha.

Shree showed signs of being a Spiritual Master from a very early age. He was following strict austerities and penances from the early age of six. He spent His childhood in the vicinity of great Spitiutal masters. He learnt the teachings of many learned scholars along with the teachings of the Vedas. He came to Akkalkot at the tender age of six and spent His childhood at the Guru mandir, a Monastery, which was the House of the Guru Tradition of Shree Swami Samartha.

In 1938 at the age of 20 he was chosen as the Head of the Monastery and the heir of the Guru Peetham (The linage of Gurus). This Guru Peetham is considered to be of the highest order.

He was initiated into the Highest order of Spiritual Practice, the ‘Shrividya’ by Lord Parshuram.

He would do severe penances and meditate for almost 18-20 hrs every day.

His daily spiritual routine began at the Brahma Muhurata. i.e. early hours of the morning. He remained perpetually in the state of Samadhi. Most of the time during the day He was engrossed in performance of various forms of austere tapa like Silence (Mauna),Fasting, Chanting of Guru mantras etc. His personal needs were extremely limited. He wore an unstitched white dhoti around his waist and carried another piece of white cloth on his shoulders

He spent most of the time in his meditation room sitting on a small square wooden stool, where he received disciples and visitors from all over the world. Shree had no material possessions. He never even touched money or gold. He was extremely punctual and his daily chores were attuned perfectly with the watch.

He taught his disciples that service rendered unto the needy and suffering, is in true sense ‘Divine worship’.

He was moved by the pain and suffering of all the living beings throughout the planet. He wanted to teach and equip everybody with knowledge that would empower them to find true Peace and happiness.

To fulfill this, Shree, vowed at the feet of His master “I will resusticate the timeless wisdom of Vedas” and gave the world the Panch Sadhan Marga (PSM) or the Five Fold Path.

He said that the easiest and complete path towards eternal happiness is through the PSM, which is based on the eternal concepts of the Vedas. He gave the message of PSM and Agnihotra to the world to rid it of negativity and darkness and infuse positivity and peace.  The philosophies and concepts mentioned in the PSM were to be applied to life in a lifestyle format, to achieve new levels of personal growth and find true happiness.

As part of His mission Shree performed a Mahasomyaga from 28th Feb to 4th March 1969 at Shivapuri, the Yajnya Nagar.

His teachings inevitably transcend the barriers of caste, creed, colour, relegion, cult, nationality or language and such other man made distinctions. He showered unlimited love and blessings on the downtrodden, poor and ailing of the world.

He preached equality among people, global peace and universal oneness.