Simple, Practical Remedies You Can Practice every day to Look Good as You Age


Ageing is a natural non-reversible process which can at its best be slowed down, not stopped. No doctor, no age old remedy, no chemical treatment, nothing whatsoever can stop ageing process. As we age various tissues start to degenerate and their functions slow down as a result of which it shows in various ways externally & internally.

The initial signs of ageing show on our skin. Pigmentation, excess oil or dryness, patchy skin, unwanted facial hair growth, as a result of hormonal imbalance and various such problems crop up with age. In this post we will discuss factors that can be controlled to an extent and that can help us looking young and feeling energetic and healthy for a longer time.

While some of the factors are external and in our control to an extent, the internal factors are either result of having allowed the external factors to become deep rooted in our body or result of internal changes that our body undergoes with years. Factors which attack our body from outside include beyond moderate sun and wind exposure, living in extreme weather conditions like very cold to very dry environment; stress and worry also play a major role in our hair, skin and body’s appearance; habit of smoking,  unhealthy, poor diet or erratic timings and quantum, hard water, lack of exercise etc.  You will notice that most of the above mentioned factors are within our control to a large extent. May be barring a few factors, it boils down to disciplining our life. The other factors responsible for ageing include internal functioning of our body which tends to slow down as we age.

A large chunk of population worldwide is choosing to deal with age related issues with non invasive, chemical free methods to avoid long term side effects.  These methods work slowly and don’t reverse but slow down the ageing process. Let’s discuss a few that we can all practice at home to keep our body in balance without having to visit professionals for either consultation or sittings….

Anti-Wrinkle Oils to Keep Handy: A few drops of sandalwood, and rosewood oil mixed with a base oil of your choice makes for the best homemade anti wrinkle lotion that can help to postpone ageing signs. Remember almond oil is an excellent d option that not only improves complexion, but also reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and curing crow’s feet.

Don’t throw away lemon peels before you have gently rubbed a few drops on your face. It is known to remove or lighten blemishes and age spots.

Mash strawberry, apply the paste on face and leave it for 15 minute to improve your complexion. Likewise 20 minutes face pack comprising almond soaked overnight and ground into fine paste, mixed in cream or milk works  well for overall skin health including complexion.

If any of the above sound too much to do on a day to day basis, try applying honey on your face for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Honey is known for its anti ageing properties because it helps to retain water and keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated.

  1. Ayurveda Suggests Creating Balanced Life Routine Early in Your Child’s Life

One of the eight branches of Ayruveda is dedicated to child care. It is about maintaining health of children even before they are born; and includes not just physical but also mental health. More and more people are turning to Ayurveda or herbal medication for treating conditions or symptoms to save themselves and their children from possible side effects of chemical medication.  In this post we will discuss some primary ways to lead a healthy life as prescribed by ayurveda.

Set Your Child in a Disciplined Routine Early in Life: The first thing that this branch of medicine emphasises upon is discipline.  Set a healthy routine for your child from early on. This means, eating right at right time. Sleeping and getting up on time. What you eat should depend on what time of the day it is, season, child’s health etc. A child who has a routine grows up into a more confident individual. When basics are set into a routine lots falls into place. The mind gets programmed in a certain way which plays in important role in years to come as child grows up and is required to accommodate a lot more into the day.

Setting routines is not always an easy task; well, if it was, raising a child would have been an easy task! But it is not. This may also require a parent to change. Before they discipline a child they will have to believe in discipline and benefits of a leading a more organised and disciplined life. They will have to sleep on time; this could mean sacrificing friends, parties late nights… it will have to be done.

Set aside time for play: Ayurveda believes and suggests that there should be time for children to play when they can be at ease; they should be allowed to explore people, nature, and surroundings. It should be part of the routine and yet above it. Being in an open space, meeting people is important for all age groups not just kids. But as kids this part holds special importance because the child at this stage and age is creating first impression and enjoying his first experiences that may become part of his/her personality in years to come. It opens their mind and teaches them life skills that text books or advice cannot. The choice of toys, games, environment, and activities will have a major impact on the child in years to come. It will not only add to his physical development but also mental sharpness.

The above may sound things you already knew, but the challenge lies in applying them. It is never too late to get into a routine. If you haven’t done it already, the time is now.  Discipline is amongst the best gifts you can give to your child that he will cherish for life and pass on to generations to follow.