Simple tips to reduce your energy bills


With economy becoming more and more volatile across the globe with each passing quarter, we don’t know what the future holds, and hence the best bet is to focus on saving environment and bank balance. Savings can happen in two ways; we earn more, cut down on expenses, or both. Electricity bill is amongst major household expenditures. To cut down on this expenditure, we can take these easy steps.

Switching to solar lights from traditional light bulbs or tubes will make your home look as lighted as before, at much lower electricity consumption for half the cost. Where the conventional light bulbs are known to waste energy on heat, energy-saving bulbs are far more efficient when it comes to converting energy into light, and also there is minimal waste of energy.  Switching to low energy lights/lamps is very simple. Instead of traditional bulb or tube opt for energy saving tubes or bulbs when you go to buy bulbs next.

Low-energy bulbs come in a variety of watts; meaning you can select the level of brightness considering the size and light requirement of the room thus minimizing energy consumption and saving money.

Step two is to switch to LED lights. If you’ve been using CFL, switch to LED. They are low cost, high efficiency and eco friendly. LED lights are made from a different technology hence they don’t contain any mercury which cuts down pollution.

Cut down AC/Heating Bills: You can do this by adjusting your needs. This may require us to bring some changes and adjustments in our life. Don’t cool your room to freeze. It makes little sense. Let the temperature be pleasant enough. Switch off A/C before leaving office/room. Same goes for heating your room or office.

Don’t keep plugs on when you’re not using the electronic gadgets like TV, Geyser, Computer, DVD, toaster oven, even mobile charges etc. When not in use, simply take the plug off.  These may seem like small steps but they’ll make a big difference in the long run.

Get rid of old refrigerators: made with old technology, they must be sucking power like you can’t imagine. If you have more than one fridge, get rid of both and replace them with an energy efficient one. Same goes for other electronic appliances like micro wave, oven, toaster, grill, mixer etc.