The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin!


Vishwa’s Skin Care Program offers Ayurvedic, nature based, non- invasive, long lasting, chemical free solutions for a clear complexion and healthy skin.

Your skin problems may be age, season, or hormone related – we at Vishwa offer Ayurvedic, non- invasive, long lasting, chemical free solutions for all.

Soundarya means beauty; and a clear, glowing complexion is the first sign of good health.


Causes of Skin Damage:

Our skin covers and protects all the inner organs and bears the harshest brunt of pollution, stress, & strain day after day. This constant exposure to tension & weather drains it of vitality and clogs the pours with toxins. Toxin also accumulates due to poor food habits, hormonal imbalance, improper skin care etc. All these things not only make the skin dull but also bring early ageing signs to the fore.

About Skin Care Program:

               In this program the participants learn about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and positive psychology; balancing of Kapha, Vata, and Pitta to get a healthy & younger looking skin.

           The Skin Care Program is packed with time-proven techniques and therapies that recreates a clear, soft, and radiant skin without loading up on chemicals. The program comprises use of chemical free medicines and external therapies. The combination rejuvenates the skin inside out. Our program revolves around a healthy diet; following exercise and sleep routines, massages, and therapies.

Those who enroll into the program are offered farm fresh fruits and satvik food prepared in the pristine environment of the ashram along with first class accommodation facilities. Participants are taken through the routine of counselling, exercises, yoga, and meditation, wrapped in various medicated, chemical free packs etc in order to remove skin Doshas.

Rejuvenation therapies comprise Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy massages; Aromatherapy, Gold, Spice and Herbal facials; foot/body scrubs and soaks, etc. These help to remove toxins from the skin and add a fresh glow to your entire body.

Join Skin Care Program and allow our team of therapists and experts to look after you! 

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