Annapurna is the name given to our meals program. Through Annapurna we serve Satvik meals to pilgrims in our Akkalkot premise.

Guru Mandir and Shivpuri have been engaged in the noble work of providing food and accommodation to visiting pilgrims in Akkalkot for more than four decades.

The meals cooked and served here are in keeping with the Ayurvedic guidelines. The meals are vegetarian and ‘Satvik’ (where the stove, meaning qualities and benefits of the food is kept intact). The vegetables are farm fresh, picked from our farms practicing Agnihotra Farming Methods. The meals served are organically grown, and are high on energy and other nutrients.

Some of the grains like wheat, jowar, Bajra, Groundnuts, some pulses, fruits, vegetables, etc. most of these are grown in the farms of Shivpuri itself. Some of these is also grown by farmers in various parts of the Nation who practice and follow Agnihotra Farming Methods. 

Similarly, the milk, and milk products used for making tea, or preparing curds, buttermilk, ghee etc. come from Shivpuri’s own Goshala. Visit Meal Timings to know more details….


Meal Timings:


Tea and Breakfast- 7.00 – 9.00 am
Lunch – 12.30 – 2 pm
Afternoon tea- 4.00 – 5.00 pm
Dinner – 7.30 – 9.30 pm




Vishwa also works towards better community building. For which it engages with communities at local levels and  initiates various projects targeted at various sections of the society, helping to generate employment. It also provides  educational and training opportunities to the women folk to make them self reliant.

Vishwa partners with various Industrial developments and support programs run at Local and Community levels to address and respond to the issue of formal and informal education, increase people’s work readiness, employability prospect etc.

We work at grassroots level, with experts who teach participants various vocational skills to increase people’s self-worth, offer  them a platform for social interaction. These initiatives help to elevate social status of these individuals, thereby  improving the employability prospects for them.  If some of these participants make products, Vishwa shows readiness to buy  it to encourage them.

Shivpuri runs various manufacturing units to provide employment and generate income source for the people of the nearby areas. Many families are linked with this program and are happy that they got this opportunity in life. Vishwa products are today sold in more than 16 countries worldwide and across India.

Vishwa also encourages industries that create or produce ecofriendly and environmentally safe products,  ideas, and innovations as a viable alternative to the polluting industrial products.

Vishwa Community is also more than happy to extend a helping hand and partner with organizations and innovators who share our passion and are willing to work in the areas of:

  • Development of Rural industry
  • Encouraging Women Entrepreneurship

To buy our products, visit 

Protect the girl child


Less said the better about the female infanticide in India, which is a grave problem. Vishwa works on creating awareness about this issue. From time to time, every time that Vishwa identifies a suitable platform, it doesn’t fail to organize workshops, seminars, and talks by eminent people to educate the people about the legalities and other dangerous fall outs of this heinous crime.

Many girl students of our school in Shivpuri are either given a scholarship or are provided education completely free, which helps them to support themselves as well as their families.


Handicapped Support


Vishwa supports the cause of providing the visually challenged with vocational training to enable them to support themselves and their families. In association with Metta Spa, an NGO based in Mumbai, which trains the visually challenged in providing foot massages, Vishwa is creating awareness about this initiative.


On successful completion of Foot Massage Therapy programs these highly trained therapists go on to offer their services to guests for a price and earn a living out of it. Vishwa Foundation supports Metta Spa by providing them with a very prominent space at its events every year. The therapists work through the event and offer foot massages to the visitors who come to these shows. The revenue generated from this initiative is handed over to the Metta Spa management.


Cow Protection


Protecting cows and offering them a perfect environment is a cause very close to Vishwa’s heart as well as Agnihotra. Shivpuri has its own Goshala (Cow Farm), which houses about 60 cows. Vishwa volunteers run several other Goshalas to help further this cause. The cow dung is used for making the Dry Cow Dung cakes which are used during Agnihotra. Vishwa also runs a dry farm for the ageing cattle.

Likewise, the bulls are used in agriculture for tilling land. Their dung and urine is a very potent organic manure and pesticide. This is one of the major reasons that cows have been reared by humans since ancient times. Vishwa is mere protector, taking the tradition forward.

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