Spinning –Cycling on Music

A group of young adults working out in a spinning class at the gym

If you’re interested in joining spin classes to slim your legs but have never done this type of cardio earlier, there are a few things to know before you start.

Spinning is also called studio or indoor cycling. It is a very effective workout to strengthen heart and tone legs. A typical spinning class comprises a batch of 6 to 20 people. All participants are perched on the top of these specially designed stationary bikes. The instructor takes you through various exercise styles set on music that may include sprints, hill climbs, circuits etc. Classes last between 45 to 50 minutes. It’s a great stress buster like any other workout.

The first thing to remember before joining spinning class is that you should be able to relate to the instructor. If you two click and are able to connect at a certain level it will help you to understand each other which will finally show in the fitness level you are able to achieve through this form of workout.

The design of the bike is such that it makes the entire work out a lot more interesting and real, plus the energy one feels while working out on music and in a group takes the enjoyment and results easily a few notches higher than regular stationary bikes we are used to exercising on. What gives spinning its edge over traditional exercise routine is that it is an interesting version of traditional cycling and offers all the   enjoyment and liberation associated with dancing without having to follow the complicated steps associated with dance exercises.  In traditional outdoor cycling you have to keep up the pace with others when you’re cycling in a group but in Spinning you can adjust the tension to keep with all the moves and pace.

In one spinning class lasting 45 minutes one burns 500 calories which is no mean feat. The peddling also helps leg toning, strengthening of thighs, glutes, and calves.

When you initially join spinning class you may feel the seat of bike as hard and your gluteal muscles may hurt for which you can wear padded shorts. Once muscles get firmer and stronger and you get used to the exercise you won’t feel anything.

When you join spinning class always carry a water bottle with you to avoid dehydration and associated complications.  Spinning makes you sweat and your body tends to lose water content which you should offset by sipping into your bottle every few minutes during workout.

Spinning is especially effective for people with joint problems or who have trouble with weight-bearing exercise. But his doesn’t mean that you go at it from day one. Pace yourself according to your stamina and go on increasing it little by little. Putting your body through sudden exertion is not a good idea.

If you see a spinning class coming up in the neighbourhood or at travelable distance go for it and see how it makes you feel rejuvenated physically and emotionally!