Spiritual Wellbeing = Inner Transformation = Fulfilling Life

A women at the edge of the ocean doing yoga.

Spirituality is for everyone. But it’s neither magic nor a pill. Nor is it meant to be practiced by select sect or people. Spirituality is for everyone to embrace irrespective of country, caste, and all. It is an experience wherein the more you practice, the more you gain; deeper the involvement, better the outcome. Spirituality enables you to see the logic beyond the obvious; it gives you the ability to look at any situation or person from a higher perspective. A person’s demeanor such as equanimity or calmness tells how he thinks and is a reflection on his spiritual wellbeing.

It is said that you physically become what you mentally feel. It is so often said that all the ill health we suffer is a manifestation of our thoughts. So in order to be physically healthy, we need to be mentally healthy first. And spirituality is that science which teaches us to think healthy. It connects you to your inner energies and aligns it with your physical body and emotions. Spirituality gives us the wisdom to take success and failures in our stride alike; and creating positive energy from every situation to make way for success and happiness.

Those of us who’re seriously interested in transforming from within (from being negative to positive, pessimistic to optimistic, judgmental & critical to being more accepting etc) and lead a more fulfilling, contented, and meaningful life… should seek spiritual guidance. It isn’t a new concept; it is derived from the ancient science of yoga, and creates a deep & lasting personal transformation.

Once on the path of inner growth and wellbeing, we begin to understand our body, our mind and emotions from a higher perspective. We also begin to experience the fundamental life energies present within us. Spirituality aligns our body, mind, emotions and energies to create harmony.

As you undergo inner transformation, you make space in your heart and mind to accommodate a higher level of thinking process which guides you in your day to day life.  You are able to develop a better coping mechanism owing to the mental clarity and new found temperament. At physical level your sleep quality improves, energy levels are better, your ability to handle stressful situations improves etc.  Spirituality or inner transformation also improves your interpersonal relationships.

At physical level it offers relief from chronic ailments and allergies, like insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, weight problem etc. Continued practice brings your hidden competencies and intelligence to the fore; helping you to experience joy and happiness at a deeper level, that gradually becomes part of your temperament.

When researchers spoke to group of people practicing yoga and meditation and are on the path of spiritual awareness, nearly all of them reported to be in a more peaceful & positive emotional space, they felt emotionally stable, experienced clarity and higher energy levels.