How Spirituality Helps to Overcome Depression

Three quarter shot of a young man doing yoga outdoors

Depression is a psychological problem that has engulfed nations. People of all ages across the world are affected by it. Reasons are diverse and peculiar. So peculiar, that sometimes one person’s problem is another person’s solution. Strange but true, there are reports that it is happening. And when it happens at this level, it is the hollowest, superficial, and self-created depression which can be overcome within no time. If not it’ll go on multiplying & solidifying.

Basically, depression is a problem that gets created in the mind. So, probably the most obvious place to solve it is at the mind, perceptional, or emotional level. For those who agree that the root cause of depression lies is in the mind, should also agree that this is where it can be solved too.

Some of the common treatment for depression includes taking antidepressants, going for electric shock treatment (ECT). These are rather abusive and can sometimes stretch and complicate the matter further. There are options like psychotherapy, psychodynamic, or cognitive behavioral therapy which help to an extent. Then there is a safer, and a more effective way to deal with depression and that is via natural or holistic healing. Natural healing has no side effects; the results are long-term and even permanent for most people.

The first thing we have to understand is that depression does not arise from a situation; it arises out of a mind that has lost the ability to think in its best interest. If your mind is functioning positively and smoothly, it will go on finding the best solutions to accept the situation and deal with problems it encounters in day to day life.

Depression occurs when the mind loses control or ability to think. We are all made up of positive and negative energies. When negative energies increase and overpower positive energies, problems begin. Negativity engulfs both, the mind and body. We lose our spiritual equilibrium when negativity gets created in mind, body and soul.  A good spiritual teacher tells you how to attract positive energy, cleanse your aura, thought, approach food etc.

Lack of positive energy or increase in negative energy is the root of all problems. They create hurdles and obstacles for mind, body, and soul to function and connect as one. The technique to restore the balance is called spirituality.  Spirituality makes you aware of your inner self and become one with it.

To become tuned to spirituality is the most effective and natural way to deal with all the problems, including depression. Understanding spirituality needs patience especially for a beginner as it is about deeper tapping into one’s energies. It is about understanding empathy, self-knowledge, and meditation. As you allow these to become part of your life and practice, the path becomes clearer and life, simpler. It can be best learnt or attained with help of a teacher. A good guru or teacher will help you embrace spirituality with conviction (not at a superficial level). As you progress you will experience more freedom in life situations; learn acceptance, compassion, become aware of inner strength and learn to use it well to overcome traumas.