How Stress Causes Headache & Meditation Brings Relief?


Headaches have engulfed entire nations. 90% of the headaches are caused due to stress is what scientists and researchers believe. Though factors like dehydration, accident, injury, illness etc. can’t be ruled out, the major culprit is stress. So to relieve headaches on a permanent basis, pain relievers is not an answer, we have to actually make the effort in the direction of relieving stress to uproot it from our system.

Amid various therapies and medications, lifestyle changes etc., meditation has proved to be an extremely effective tool for patients suffering headaches caused by stress. It is a science backed theory that when we meditate, serotonin is released into the system that helps to tighten blood vessels thereby reducing the inflammation, bringing relief from headache.

Tension leads to headaches because when we are stressed or tensed, we tend to put undue pressure on our muscles for a prolonged period of time. We do things like, clenching our jaws, tensing our neck and shoulders and so on. When this continues these muscles go into spasm, and when we consciously or subconsciously try to release this tension, we actually move it to adjoining muscles.

Many simple everyday activities can cause physical stress; like if our job involves sitting on our desk for prolonged period of time. Similarly emotional stress can be a caus; not necessarily the emotion of anger or duress, but also over thinking, over concentrating, crying etc. Such tensions also become cause of headaches.

Those of us who have suffered it know that the headache caused due to tension starts in the back of the head, spreading outward and around the skull, and the most intense pressure we feel is at the center of the forehead. Such headaches may not be unbearable or devastating, in fact, most of us continue to do our day to day chores; but its presence is continually felts and is extremely annoying. Tension headaches are not such a big deal and are common amongst most of us. They can also be easily treated with help of over the counter pain relief medicines. But if we suffer from suh bouts of tensions leading to headaches frequently, gulping medicines is definitely not a good idea. Repeat headaches means we need professional help because ongoing consumption of OTC pain relievers can lead to side effects, and they don’t address the root cause of the problem.

When we visit doctor to discuss our headache problem, irrespective of the magnitude of pain, they not only let you continue with meditation while undergoing medical treatment but also encourage you to take it up. Meditation is safe and can support their treatment by enhancing benefits of medicines. It has been confirmed that meditation supports your medication and leads to less severity of pain or brings better relief from medicines.

According to researchers and scientists of leading institutes, meditation brings about relaxed response in the body, they activate the parasympathetic nervous system. It triggers the reaction that reduces the ill effects of stress, and promotes relaxation of mind.