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Avoid Falling Prey to Work, Internet, Shopping, or Substance ADDICTION

When discussion about addiction crops up most of us are able to relate to just a few types of addictions, like drug, alcohol etc. However of late we’ve woken up to and have accepted gambling or use of several substances as an addiction.  But we are still not completely aware. Not many of us yet realize that work,


Mosquito Repellent Plants You Can Grow at Home

Mosquitoes are dangerous pests and among the deadliest human disease agents. One bite can cause a range of vector borne diseases like malaria, dengue, elephantiasis, etc.

Use of chemical sprays and smokes is common when it comes to keeping these pests at bay.  But we can also use some natural methods to get rid of them.


Raising Children…

It is so rare these days to come across kids who think learning is fun and enjoy the experience of learning, are excited about learning new things. The problem lies with the way our education system works, the way we teach; and we know it by now. Parents i.e. we often fall prey to the pressure that the modern education system brings,