Ganesh Chaturthi –a Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journey is all about inner well being and Ganesh Chaturthi is the best time to take spiritual resolve by praying to Lord Ganesha to bestow inner spiritual strength to help us attain success in our spiritual and worldly endeavors.  Lord Ganesha, the endearing elephant-headed God, also known as Vighna Harta removes hurdles and obstacles from the path of those aspiring for spiritual enlightenment.


Ayurveda Based Diet Tips to Keep Cool through Summer

According to Ayurveda summer is a season that triggers Pitta. Pitta administers digestive energies; i.e. “agnis” or fire energies in the body. Pitta manages various heats in our body – it is in charge of how food gets digest as well as how our sensory perceptions metabolize. Aggravated Pitta or pitta imbalance affects our physical,


Simple, Practical Remedies You Can Practice every day to Look Good as You Age

Ageing is a natural non-reversible process which can at its best be slowed down, not stopped. No doctor, no age old remedy, no chemical treatment, nothing whatsoever can stop ageing process. As we age various tissues start to degenerate and their functions slow down as a result of which it shows in various ways externally &