The Art Of Getting Along


Where people get along, meet, and laugh, there is chatter and happiness in the air, camaraderie, good vibes, and more.

However to get along is a knack; an art that solves and eases many situations, problems; saves and blooms relationships. Accepting people in your life as they are is a positive trait. Ask me, and I’ll say getting along is a mind game.  Just a few simple rules and you’ll be a winner material; but if you allow yourself to get stuck in little mind traps, you’re likely to be stuck for life!

The best part is that anybody can learn to get along. When I say this, I mean you can convert the most complex looking problem into be a win-win situation.

To be nice to people makes us easy to get along with; to show grace, to avoid being snappy, to keep mum are the qualities we should try to develop if we want people to get along with us and vice versa. To cut someone to size, point a finger, show someone his place, to wait for one’s turn…. are considered aggressive attitudes; they’ll create nothing but hurdles in your emotional and spiritual growth.

Sometimes to be indifferent to people’s wrong attitude also makes situation better. When you look past the obvious poor behaviour of a person and do your bit, in majority of cases the person realises it and tries not to repeat it. If s/he continues to display bad or aggressive behaviour, s/he is a negative person, and it is now your turn to make efforts to NOT get along with such people. Steer clear of them, politely so, without causing any stress to any party. Let not anybody’s bad behaviour rub on you.

People sometimes get confused and make an effort to get along at the cost of losing their own stand on the situation; this is not right getting along and won’t work in the long run. To create a situation where both parties agree, or agree to disagree amicably is a good example of getting along.

In modern times the concept of getting along works at many levels and there are different rules for each of these. To get along as professionals, family, relatives, friends, classmates…rest on different dynamics. However the common ground is trust.

In order to get along we should learn to accept the other person with his flaws in his space; AND similarly we should let the other person know that we’d like to be accepted as we are, in our space.

Getting along at a superficial level, say to make a social impression is common practice and there’s  nothing wrong with it, but don’t expect it to last long or have solid, permanent impact on your life. Such getting along is a facade and therefore transient.

When you get along with a person, it makes relationship bloom. You make fewer enemies. This art goes a few steps beyond polite conversation (link to article 11). To be able to sync with people requires special effort. You try to see a little deeper into the person’s mind to understand his nature, ego trigger, and problem area; see things from his point of view, and then win over the situation with a certain knack.

So get going! Learn to accept and accommodate people in your life, be positive, learn to look at things from other person’s perspective, yet don’t lose sight of yourself, your own take on it; ego aside. Display a balanced, unbiased yet humane and compassionate attitude. It might take time but eventually it will bring returns.