The Secret Of Gayatri Mantra



GAYATRI-MANTRA is the most important and basic mantra of the Vedic science of sounds.

GAYATRI-MANTRA bears great esoteric relation with the life of SHREE. The maternal grandfather of SHREE, Bhausaheb Shingwekar, was an ardent devotee of GAYATRI-MANTRA, resultant to which he was blessed with a Divine daughter Sonamata. Sonamata was a Yogini, who was the mother of SHREE. She was believed to be the incarnation of Goddess GAYATRI, the presiding deity of this Mantra. As the Mantra has 24 syllables in it, the divine life dedicated to the service of poor and downtrodden led by Sonamata was fulfilled at an early age of 24.

The chanting of GAYATRI – MANTRA with mental attunement is an effective Swadhayay ( i.e. : Self-Study ) and is part of the fifth aspect of the PSM (five fold path) ordained by the Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Shivpuri, Akkalkot, INDIA.

A Mantra is an esoteric combination of specific sounds, syllables and meaning. It is all combined together to impart a powerful effect on mind and matter. GAYATRI is the name of poetic meter in which this particular mantra is revealed. This is the reason why it is known as GAYATRI MANTRA. It refers to SAVITA, the almighty cosmic power which impels the entire universe. Thus it is also known as the SAVITRI MANTRA. SAVITA is its presiding deity and AGNI ( Holy Fire ) is the identifying

mark ( Mukh i.e. Face ) of this Mantra. This Mantra was revealed unto seer Maharishi Vishwamitra in the ancient times. It contains eight syllables per couplet and there are 24 total syllables in entire Mantra.

This Mantra is called mother of Veda (Vedamata) because it is the essence of the science of sounds. It imparts ability and power to delve deeper into endowing of Vedas. It opens the doors of liberation by insight into Vedic learning. The ancient seers meditated upon this Mantra which in turn endowed them the knowledge of a new array of Mantras. In this sense it is truly the mother of Vedas.

The traditional definition of the word GAYATRI clearly denotes its power of liberation from bondage of ignorance. It is defined as follows:- “Gayanatam trayate iti gayatri ” i.e the Mantra has the ability to liberate a person who continuously chants it.

GAYATRI-MANTRA may be chanted preferably before or after Agnihotra-times, otherwise it may be chanted in all states of life, walking, sitting or lying etc.

This mantra is a universal prayer ideal for any spiritual aspirant (Sadhaka). Those who are fortunate to have received initiation at the feet of a proper Guru may chant GAYATRI – MANTRA because it has a power and ability to awaken the hidden strength of soul and mind. While those, who have not yet received any initiation at the feet of a proper guru may simply treat the chant as their principle spiritual practice.

The chanting and purport of GAYATRI MANTRA ordained by SHREE is as follows-

“You will notice that there is OM in the beginning, middle and at the end of the Mantra, It seems as if engulfed by OM sound.”



Purport :-

OM :- Symbol of the Divine power the primal esoteric sound.

BHUH :- Physical plane.

BHUVAH :- Astral plane

SVAH :- Celestial plane.

TAT :- That transcendent divinity

SAVITHU :- The power which Impels the universe.

VARENYAM :- Fit to be worshipped, all powerful.

BHARGO :- Glory, effulgence

DEVASYA :- Resplendent.

DHEEMAHI :- We meditate

DHIYAH :- Intellects.

YAH :- Who

NAH :- Our

PRACHODYAT :- Enlighten, guide.

Meaning of  Mantra :

I meditate and pray unto the Supreme, self–illuminated, resplendent, Divine, cosmic-power, which is the creator of the entire universe, to impel my intellect towards self realization.