Things you can control in your life


Most of us lead busy lives, waking up, exercising (often skipping)packing our kids and spouse to school/office; rushing to office… come home, take time out for kids, spouse….rush, rush, rush…  so often we find ourselves stuck in the same old rut, and life out of our control. But if we take a few minutes off, sit back and think, we’ll realize that some of it can be changed and can lead to an improved life quality.

With experience I have identified things I can control. And then I began to implement them in my day to day life. The new habits and routines did take some effort but once I got used to them; the results were worth it. And that’s when I decided to share the little wonderful secrets with those sailing in the same ship and cared. What I am going to share are simple everyday things that we don’t have the time to pay attention to. When I worked on them, my life changed, and I assure you that it will do the same for you, provided you believe in the same values, and look at things as I do.

One thing you will agree with is that happiness and success are interwoven. One affects the other. And you’ll also agree that both can be achieved. We make many big and small decisions every day.  Though not all of them seem important, if we pay attention we will realize that they all have impact our lives in some way or the other.

Some decisions impact our life positively, some negatively, and some don’t impact at all. E.g. on a particular day we may decide between ordering food or cooking at home, walking or skipping walk, brushing at night or giving it a miss, waking up early, sleeping late, walking the distance or taking a cab et al. All these decisions though seem menial impact our lives in some way or the other.

We should go with things that improve the number of positive impacts in our lives over negative. This will lead to in all more positivity in our life. Even small negatives can drain you of energy, motivation, and cloud your focus.

Rule 1:Experience Breathing

Every few hours make it a habit to slow down your racing mind. Close your eyes, and breathe. Inhale. Stop. Exhale. Stop. Repeat. Try to experience the slowing of heart beat, feel how chest expands and shrinks as you inhale and exhale. After doing it ten times, when you open your eyes and mind, you will feel rested. You will feel that your heartbeat has slowed down; you’re feeling relaxed, and your old stressing thoughts giving you a headache aren’t interfering or clashing with what  .

Rule 2: Make Your Mind-Conversations Optimistic

We all have conversations with ourselves in the mind and most of the time we are indulging in put-downers, negative conversations. The next time that our mind is going in negative direction, we have to make an effort to transform that conversation into a positive one. Learn to be kind on ourselves and accept that it is normal to make mistakes & have pimples.

Rule 3: Develop a positive body language

If you make it a habit to stand, sit and walk tall with confidence, it has been scientifically proved that it will improve your hormonal balance and will slowly impact your sub-conscious mind make you a positive person.  Don’t ever let any feeling about yourself give you a stooping shoulder.  Learn to look in the eye of the person you’re talk to; have a firm hand shake etc. These acts improve your self esteem and create an impression of a confident person in public.

Rule 4: Exercise

Doesn’t mean you go to the gym or swimming pool every day. Just take 20 minutes our and take a walk. The motion will help to free your mind of clutter and body of negative lethargy and you will be able to tap better into your inner potential and feel happier and lighter.

Rule No. 5: Inculcate the habit of gratitude

Cultivating the habit of showing gratitude makes us positive and stronger from within. Gratitude helps us to learn to focus on hope, feel inspired and spread such vibe around, be optimistic, have courage and display perseverance and resilience to overcome setbacks.

Last Rule: Eat right & sleep on time. Say no to junk unhealthy, untimely, food; learn to train your mind to resist temptation to watch a late night T.V show.

Don’t you agree these are things you can control? And don’t you agree that they can create a big and positive difference in your life? Then, don’t wait for anything. Take one small step but do it.