This Year, Plan For A Spiritual Holiday!

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Spiritual holidays are for inner well being more than a mere blast! They have a different and a higher agenda and yet should not be read with a heavy connotation because they aren’t! These holidays work on the mind, lighten and de-clutter it and thus bring clarity in thought process. When on a spiritual holiday we learn to view things from different perspectives; and this transformation if we can tune to it, has the power not only to change the course of our own lives, but also make a difference in the lives of people around us. Spiritual holiday is super energizing, and also a super cool option to try it next time.

People take spiritual holidays in different situations for different reasons. For some it is a mere curiosity, some are advised one to deal with personal or life crises that they are undergoing. Some do it because they’re spiritually inclined by nature. Some of us opt for a holiday package that includes a bit of spirituality with an intention to learn to deal with stressful life that most of us lead. A normal holiday only does half the job; that of relaxing our bodies & resting our minds.  Considering that in a regular working day, we face a lot more, we obviously deserve more a holiday.

Who is it for: People whose jobs and lives are stressing them out at professional or personal level, so much so that the effect of stress is showing in their behavior or appearance, spiritual holiday should be high on their priority. A well spent spiritual holiday will show you ways to take every day of your life in stride.

Regular vs. Spiritual Holidays: Holidays we’re used to take us away from routines like cooking, studying, working, driving, traffic, etc and so on… They work very well at physical level and quite well at mental level; giving us a temporary break, mostly physical. As we come back and resume the grind of life, it all feels just the same. In that aspect spiritual holidays work on a different plane. We come back with a new perspective to look at life and deal with it. It’s a priceless gift that spiritual holiday gives us.

Spiritual Holidays: These holidays focus on looking within. They’re about creating an inner balance in life that can reflect in our day to day outer behavior.  The secret of having a fruitful spiritual holiday is to tune your mind to it. If you are able to do it, it will work for you!

Spiritual holiday, while providing you with all the physical comfort and mental relaxation, guide you to channelize your thoughts and energies that help you get out of disturbing situations unharmed, and neutral. A spiritual holiday may have several agendas. Different spiritual holidays may use different techniques different modules etc to work their way unto you, but they all work directly or indirectly towards the same things – attainment of inner balance, and remaining detached.

A well spent spiritual holiday helps us reach the inner reservoir of energy. And if are able to connect to these energies, each following holiday helps us to dig deeper & higher to set on the path that helps us to evolve.

Spiritual holidays should not be misunderstood as an option only for spiritually inclined people. We all have a right to it.