Break the cycle of stress for an emotionally Strong & Positive Life

Vishwa’s Stress Care program is based on the techniques of Swashtya that relaxes the mind, thus reducing anxiety and stress symptoms, putting the mind to rest.

Ahead of enrolling into this program, it’s important that  you understand what stress is and what it can do to us and our lives, especially if not treated in time.


Stress creates the darkest and the deepest holes in our lives. The stress devil spares none – no career, no friends, no spouse, family, acquaintance, work, neighbors, not even strangers. Stressed individuals are vulnerable, blinded, and mind-crippled. There comes a time when some of us even become victim of circumstances and turn into ‘the people’ we never were.

To break the stress cycle, we often need help, and we should accept it. While some of us may find solace in talking to friends; the really bad cases may require professional counselling and oral and external medication.  The best way to deal with stress is to understand that it’s a mind game, and that it can be controlled. Earlier the better.

The mind is the bridge between the soul and the body, without which, neither the soul nor the body can achieve anything. Ayurveda describes the importance of mind in our bodies very aptly, “The mind is the ruler of the body and acts as a communicator for the soul to acquire knowledge and experiences of the outside world. The health of the mind is the guarantee of a successful and happy life”.

But many times due to reasons like stress, shock, sadness, etc the mind gets disturbed. Today’s high stress work and life pattern causes a lot of tension and many times leads to a black out or crash. The incidences of burnout or breakdown are becoming increasingly common. The number of people who have to pop a sleeping pill for getting a good night’s sleep is on an increase. Depression, anxiety etc are becoming rampant and are ruining the quality of lives not only for the old and middle aged but also the youth barely starting out.


Symptoms of high stress-

1) Headaches

2) Nausea

3) Constant irritability

4) Always feeling exhausted

5) Loss of appetite

6) Hyper acidity

7) Lack of concentration

8) Feeling depressed and over whelmed

9) Constipation

10) Excessive Sweating

According to Ayurveda, our mind is located in the heart. And any disease of the mind eventually leads to a disease of the heart.

Vishwa’s Stress Care program is an amazing stress control solution that relaxes the mind with Swasthya techniques. Thus reducing anxiety and stress symptoms, putting the mind to rest. If you can handle daily stress in a much more positive way, you will find out that you have a lot more energy than you though possible.

Program Duration- six months

This Program includes-

1)  Mind Body Consultation and Ananlysis

2) Counselling sessions

3) Diet Plan

4) Exercise Plan

5) Meditation sessions

6) Medication, Supplements and health aids

If you are feeling stressed, sad, negative, and cluttered, which is affecting your personal and professional life… if you want to share it with someone and get help, rest assured we are trained to do both. Since we are trained to be good listeners, we are able to offer practical solutions.

We can’t prescribe one solution for all cases because, like each body, each mind also works and reacts differently to various situations. Emotions are different for each person; its impact on your psyche is different… because your history is different, your perceptions are different…and so on. Write to us and we shall come back to you, study your case, analyse the situation and offer help. We will be with you during the entire duration of the program. You can call us, write to us for any queries that you may have anytime during the program.

You can do the program by visiting our center in Shivpuri/Mumbai or remotely through telephonic/Skype sessions. 


Program Costs-

Rs. 10,000/-

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