On this page you can read in detail about various tribal development projects initiated by The Vishwa Foundation through disciples and volunteers to elevate their standard of living health, education etc in various parts of country.

Vishwa Foundation, following the teachings of Shree Swami Samartha Maharaj Lineage of Akkalkot  not only works towards providing food, shelter and education for those who need it; but also works towards up-liftment of the strata of society that is lagging behind and suffering the most.  The work Vishwa is doing for the tribal’s welfare and improving quality of their lives is mentioned as under:




Vishwa Volunteers are working in various regions to educate the tribal population about the tools and techniques of  Agnihotra Farming Methods (AFM). The tribal’s face many challenges in agriculture, like sudden changes in season, shortage of water, etc. Many organsations are also working to help tackle this problem. Vishwa supports their work by training the villagers about sustainable farming, building water harvesting reservoirs, irrigation, etc.


Art and Craft:


At every Vishwa Show since 2009, we have been promoting tribal art and crafts in a big way. Every year an exclusive pavilion is provided to the artists who come from many parts of the country. They can exhibit their art like paintings, sculptures, pottery, etc at the show and all the proceeds from the sale are handed over to the individual artists. This also helps in creating awareness about fascinating art and gives an international platform to the artists to exhibit their work.




Vishwa aids and supports various initiatives run by locals in and around Shivpuri and other parts of the country in providing modern education to the tribal children. We run special classes, hold seminars and workshops to help provide the children high quality education.

Vishwa Foundation also supports the activities run by the organisations like Janhit Vyakti Vikas organization located in the Tarapur area. This is a dense forest region and has a very large tribal population. Volunteers living in that region are running free schools and classrooms for the children, where vocational guidance is also provided. The volunteers also work with the elders to provide awareness about hygiene, healthcare, adult education, etc.




Vishwa provides employment to the people of the various tribal settlements around Shivpuri in the various employment generating initiatives. Many of the people have been farmers all their lives. So at Vishwa, we created many agro based working options like basic farming, seed banks, compost making, organic grain buy back, etc to generate working options in the area of their choice. Many families work with Vishwa in these initiatives and are thankful for the support of the various donors who contribute towards their work.





Vishwa Foundation conducts many health camps and medical aid programs especially for the tribal villages around Shivpuri. Many external experts and doctors from the Agniveda healing centre work in these camps to reach out to remote areas and provide essential health care services.

Vishwa Foundation is working with the Kanta Laxmi Eye Hospital located in the town of Nandurbar, in the tribal regions of India. Vishwa supports the activities of the hospital like, free medical care, providing nutritional supplements to the malnourished children and women, etc. More than 500 free operations have been done so far in through this initiative.


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