Understanding Benefits of Organic Food and Risks of Pesticides


This post is an attempt to help you make better decisions about choosing organic foods that’ll promise good health, won’t harm to the environment, and how we can include organic food into our everyday diet.

Eating balanced food is a great way to lead a healthy life. We all are given to understand that creating and following a nutritional diet chart in your daily routine by consuming fruits, veggies, sprouts, meat, dairy products etc along with an exercising routine can help you to lead a long, healthy, and a more productive & meaningful life. But what if the fruits, veggies, dairy products, meat etc that we’re eating are grown or preserved with help of harmful pesticides and chemicals? This is where the importance and role of organic food comes into play. And this is the stage where the concept of going organic starts making sense.

Food grains, pulses etc grown using natural manure in the right season tended in organic ways will be more nutritious than their counterparts which have been grown using chemically prepared manure. Or foods like dairy products and meat etc that are preserved using artificial chemicals can also cause harm to our body and mind, leading to physical and emotional disorders.

When we opt for organically grown food, we know that the nutrition is intact in them. Organic food especially fruits and vegetables have to be eaten fresh because if they are allowed to stay they will become bad or sour as they aren’t laden with pesticides or miss the chemical layer on its skin which preserves them.  And fresh from the farm items always taste warm and better.

Farms that use organic methods help the environment to remain pure. Organic farming practices bring down air, water and soil pollution, conserve water, soil erosion is less, soil is more fertile, and such farms use less energy. Farms that don’t use chemicals and pesticides help the birds, small animals, and people who work in the farms and live in the proximity to lead a wholesome & healthy life.

Similarly dairy products from organically bred cows are good for health because they aren’t given antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal byproducts. Plus the environment they are reared are large open spaces (not in confined, antiseptic environment) where they are allowed to move freely which is good for their overall growth.

Genetically engineered food (dairy or otherwise) is bad for health. It not only affects people who consume them but in case of a pregnant women, also her unborn.

We all need to make that shift. Shift to organic food, organic life, and organic thoughts. Lead clutter free life, minimize consumerism; eat organic, cook organic, drink organic, think, work, and play organic… develop hobbies that are organic…. The list is endless.