We at the Vishwa Foundation believe that we as an individual and or as an organization, no matter how large or small; can improve the quality of lives of people around us, the society we live in; our environment, and the world at large.
Vishwa Awards have been established to honour organizations and individuals who promote new ways of thinking and contributing to human fulfilment, social progress, and creating a better environment for social living & interaction.
Vishwa is an international non-profit, charitable organization, known for its social services and welfare projects that are meant to create equilibrium with nature and bring enhancement in human life.

The Vishwa award recognises and supports people who go above and beyond their call of duty to help those they serve. These are annual awards conferred at international level in field of social welfare, environment protection, health care, education, spirituality etc.

Do you know any individual or organization that’s involved in this kind of noble work?

Vishwa Foundation Committee seeks nominations from Individuals and organizations who’ve demonstrated a commitment towards making a positive impact in any of the above mentioned fields. If you know such individuals or and outfits please send us their profiles with introduction and initiatives they have taken for us to do our bit.

The participants of the Vishwa Fest  are entitled to an automatic entry. All participant entries are scrutinized by a jury comprising the board members of the Vishwa Foundation. Submission of entries is managed by authorized bodies.

Participants will not only be honoured for their initiative; but will get an opportunity to showcase their work on the international platform of Vishwa Foundation and on our website, where they are likely to meet many like minded people who can help elevate their work.

To discuss nomination requirements, guidelines, and further detail, contact via e-mail, Skype, phone…

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